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  1. Any Swiss Automatic Watch fans/collectors here?

    Someone is selling their 1967 Omega Speedmaster Professional chrono for almost $13k USD!
  2. Any Swiss Automatic Watch fans/collectors here?

    Ya, even Swiss made quartz watches are expensive! Didn't realize how popular Seiko divers were!
  3. Any Swiss Automatic Watch fans/collectors here?

    That Seiko 6309 looks pretty good! And I can totally relate on the money blowing part LOL. Between Si mods and watch collection, that probably could've been a downpayment on a house 😅
  4. Civic Si Lowering Springs Master Guide

    With a lower spring rate, you'd get more body roll in turns. You'd have less stability after hitting bumps and more weight transfer. Aftermarket spring manufacturers don't generally make springs with a softer spring than stock anyways. And since they're all pretty much lowering springs, the...
  5. Amsoil synchromesh mtf

    There is a loud click/clunk in the even gears due to the design of the gear change bushing on your stock shifter assembly. The Acuity shifter assembly alleviates this somewhat due to a relocation of this bushing. Acuity and Perrin also have workarounds to help reduce this noise. Acuity has a...
  6. What is considered Lugging?

    I wouldn't consider those scenarios lugging. There are other things to consider such as being on an incline and not downshifting. The owners manual is kinda weird in how it recommends you shift from 5th to 6th at 39mph... like Skorj mentioned, it's generally a bad idea to floor it in 5th and 6th...
  7. I think the LSD should be standard on all Civics

    I grew up in Woburn, MA and can attest to the fact that our roads were, in fact, designed by monkeys.
  8. Civic Si Lowering Springs Master Guide

    See post #86 in this thread. I'm running K-Tuned springs on OEM wheels and tires. No rubbing, scrubbing or anything. No camber kit needed either - front camber w/in spec and rear camber is only 0.2° past the -2.0° limit. The drop is about 1.2" all around. About 4k miles now and no issues!
  9. Any Swiss Automatic Watch fans/collectors here?

    I always had cheap watches as fashion items when I was younger, but decided to make it a hobby of collecting nice swiss-made, automatic/mechanical watches as an adult. When I graduated college and got my first engineering job in 2014, I spent my 1st paycheck to treat my family to a fancy dinner...
  10. Labor Day Install Madness

    +1 on the AC Delco (GM) Syncromesh MTF. That stuff saved my 05 Acura TL. Like 50% of my 3rd gear shifts resulted in the lever popping back into neutral after a couple seconds. But the MTF swap made sure it never happened again!
  11. Quoted $500 plus for 15k mile service on 2019 Si

    $500? LOL, I totally believe it, since it was a stealership quote after all. I had a 2005 Acura TL 6mt that needed a new CV half axle in 2018. Decided to get both sides at the same time and a local Acura dealer quoted me $2500 for parts and labor... I found an indy shop down the street that did...
  12. Meet my 2020 Si's replacement......

    Congrats! Those Lexus's are great cars. I almost pulled the trigger on an IS350 F-Sport RWD before I bought my Si (had a deposit on one and everything), but decided that I wanted another 6mt. I totally get switching to a more comfortable daily. I would consider an auto in the future and keeping...
  13. United U8 LED to install in 2017 Civic Si?

    That may have been the case 5-10 years ago, but LED technology has progressed immensely in the last few years. Cars are even coming straight out of the factory with LED headlights now. Good quaility H11 LED bulbs will not give you any problems in this car. No flickering and 100% plug-n-play.
  14. Wheels that match the amber side marker

    ESR has a cool custom color: "Vacuum Copper Chrome"
  15. Feature You Didn't Expect to Love?

    This is more idiot-proofing than a "feature", but I like that the trunk lid won't close if your keyfob is in there. Also can't lock your door via the door handle button if your fob is anywhere inside the car. When I bought my car, I threw the spare set of keys in a backpack and put it in the...
  16. Which black wheel should I get for my Si? (With pictures)

    Not many places carry these in stock. It's special order from Japan. I think I'll hold off on ordering wheels until next spring.
  17. Which black wheel should I get for my Si? (With pictures)

    I've had my eye on the GTC02, but in hypersilver, since last year! Def a nice looking wheel and lightweight. A bit pricey, though.
  18. Which HIDs should I get?

    Those do seem nice, but interesting that they don't provide any specs, just "400% brighter than Halogens"... I'll stick to the Hikari Ultras for now! LED technology has come a long way. I used to throw HIDs into everything, but I'm totally satisfied with premium LED bulbs in projector housings now!
  19. CarPlay just stopped working, car won't recognize my phone (2020 CTR)

    No problem, glad to help!! I've had similar issues with my Si + Android Auto where a car restart wouldn't fix the glitches, but a hard restart of the headunit fixed it.
  20. CarPlay just stopped working, car won't recognize my phone (2020 CTR)

    Don't just restart your car, but do a full reboot of the headunit. You have to hold the power button for a few seconds and then a popup window will ask if you want to reboot the headunit.