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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    wait the outer layer doesn't peel off of the letters? well damn. i take back what i said then lol.
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    you peel off the outer plastic layer after applying. at least you should be able to. It should be like applying any decal.
  3. What are your favorite detailing products?

    if i'm like recoating ...... way too long LOL. a whole day worth basically.
  4. What are your favorite detailing products?

    I forgot i have that too. N914 is super versatile. I don't use it for rinseless wash but i do use it as a clay lube. ah yeah how can i forgot about the ech2o. I have it diluted in a QD ratio and use it as my drying aid. Although, I have heard of many good things about P&S Bead maker so i may...
  5. JDM Fog Lights Installation Tutorial, including Honda harness

    grab the tabs and push. That's really it. There is a pop clip on the corner towards the middle of the car which you have to remove but thats it. Rest are tabs.
  6. What are your favorite detailing products?

    I'm a fan of carpro and sonax. Gyeon and adam is good too. i mainly use the following to wash: carpro reset adams car shampoo adams wheel cleaner sonax leather foam sonax alcantara cleaner for polishing/protecting: Torq 10fx polisher sonax perfect finish carpro eraser carpro perl (tire and...
  7. PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development

    everyday i get the urge to just click buy for the RS-450 lol.
  8. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    the len also says co plus morimoto never made the headlamps for the 10th gen civic. They were just rebranded from the get go. I ordered from TRS because i've ordered multiple items from before and figured they SHOULD have better customer service in the event something is wrong with them...
  9. Which exhaust should I get?

    yeah videos never really does any exhaust justice imo. It all sounds different depending on their mic set ups lol.
  10. Which exhaust should I get?

    damn lol. Here in socal they are everywhere and so many people have different exhausts lol. i personally have a valved exhaust (sequence manufacturing) so it's only loud when its under high load but not everyone wants a valved exhaust. It personally is perfect for me. Fuji was my second choice...
  11. Which exhaust should I get?

    exhausts are way too subjective. i really suggest you to hear one in person and get a ride in it and see. Might be hard to meet up or find a local person with an exhaust during this whole pandemic but yeah ... what might sound good to one person, might not sound good for another. People are...
  12. 2020 Type-R Parts

    i believe so.
  13. 2020 Type-R Parts
  14. 2020 Type-R Parts

    eh, people are only really over heating when pushing the car so if your just daily driving and dont plan on tracking the car, i don't see it as a necessity.
  15. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    basically ppf for the headlights.
  16. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    damn that is unfortunate. It did look more yellow in pictures but i had hoped it was similar in color. I don't have anything amber on the front at least like the mirror signals so at least i dont have to worry about it not matching haha. Would you say the DRL is brighter than the factory headlamps?
  17. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    Thanks for some of the pics. the DRL doesn't dim down slightly when the headlights turn on? i like the color of the factory turn signals but it looks like the morimotos are more yellow than the factory ambers?
  18. 2020 Type-R Parts

    thank you for the pictures. I always thought the bottom was longer to give it a shorter throw along with the shortened height but i guess it is only the knob height that is lowered. The firm feeling from the centering spring and the shifting action can possibly come from the required effort due...
  19. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    i hope so lol. Just asking cause rather be safe than sorry with all the issues people had earlier. they seem to have a wider output and the light intensity spread out throughout the whole area vs the oem one where the alot of the intensity is in the middle. Probably why people says the output...
  20. WTF is this red light?

    im surprised you didnt notice it till now lol. I noticed it first day. My acura has a similar light but its blue.