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  1. 2016 Civic - Water in Trunk

    The sunroof drain tubes are down the a-pillar in front. There are rear drain tubes behind the carpet on each side that are easy to get to. First pull off the plastic peace on the back that covers the latch to get to the trunk liners. The liner is two mirrored pieces, each with 4 push pins...
  2. KTuner 1.2 from TSP

    Thanks! What vsa setting do you use? Even with advanced and the off button pressed (not full pedal dance) it hops on corners wot. One time I got it to go into limp mode with the button pressed for off on a wot drift. No good.
  3. KTuner 1.2 from TSP

    Quick question I've had for a while. I'm trying to change from advanced vsa to off. Even the advanced vsa is too aggressive. When I connect with laptop and uncheck advanced vsa and turn it off will I have to upload tune again and wait 5 minutes? Or does this tick box work live when connected?
  4. flex fuel failure

    Wiring is good. All connections are good. New sensor works but the old ones flake out. I have a brand new one that will work 💯 for now, it will probably flake out some day. So I have a collection of 3 ff sensors now. I believe the ffc100 was and is still good.
  5. flex fuel failure

    Ive been running tsp flex fuel for 1.3 years now. It has the ktuner ffc100 and acdelco 13577429 gm flex fuel sensor. These things are always failing. I've bought two ffc100s and three of that ffs. So now it's failing again, for like the 3rd time. First time I had failure it was locked on to 50%...
  6. Significant hood dent

    Find a new PDR guy! That's pretty deep but soft and no crease. That should come out 98% or better honestly. Wouldnt even take 30 mins, easy $100
  7. Downpipe Help

    I installed with just skid plate removed also. The only tricky part is the jam nuts. They're crushed into ovals and nasty af. The nuts came half way off then binded and turned the studs out. I think if you're lubed up you're more likely to turn them out then break them. After I turned the studs...
  8. RSB: Eibach 22 mm vs. OEM 18 mm Si

    They are the same geometry but they are aluminum and beefier. I had the rear sway bar on first. Then FSB the same time I did springs. Then accord end links last.
  9. Axxess AXDSPX-HN3 specs: bypass amp on 12 speaker audio of Sport Touring/Type R?

    Didn't look like they did online sales on their website so I called them. They said they stopped carrying the axxess because they didn't like it. I asked why and he said Dean? Just didnt like it... He said he recommends dsr1 which I already have, but working with a shit signal from the start...
  10. DIY rear bumper fake vent conversion

    If you take the garnishes off and cut the bumper right away it doesn't look too bad naked with the big hole. That is the easy part and if you use a brand new razor blade the bumper cuts like butter. I rode round with just holes on the rear for the week.
  11. 18x8.5 +35 OR +42?

    Most don't rub with 245/40 on 18x8.5 +35 but at least 1 member said he did. I would agree 245/35. I'm running 255/40r17 +40 on pro kit.
  12. Rattling by driver side tweeter

    Theres 1 screw behind the air bag tab then pull off. I used pipe insulating foam. Any foam or fabric that compresses should work. Don't use paper.
  13. Axxess AXDSPX-HN3 specs: bypass amp on 12 speaker audio of Sport Touring/Type R?

    Im currently running lc2 loc to dsr-1 DSP and want to try this. The dsr-1 is a really powerful DSP but it's so hard flattening this shit signal. I'm super anxious to try this but I guess I'll have to wait for the email and then order right away. Can't see anywhere to order or back order.
  14. RSB: Eibach 22 mm vs. OEM 18 mm Si

    I thought the adjustable end links are only for the front? I don't mind the eibach front non adjustable bar, running pro kit with it. I don't monkey with the front, it was a pita. I run accord links on the rear and sometimes switch between the 2 holes. With my 255/40 summers the back it isn't as...
  15. Axxess AXDSPX-HN3 specs: bypass amp on 12 speaker audio of Sport Touring/Type R?

    The HN3 is out of stock. What's the difference between HN2? It also says 2016+ and is in stock.
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    2 in the back of each. Robs about 3hp but worth it. The kids love chatting on the ham while cruising with friends! First pics with spoiler delete, wrap, drop and wheels together. Getting some more at sunset tonights the plan. Working on the amps today.
  17. Help Removing Si Sedan Spoiler Top/"Cap"

    You have to remove the spoiler, then 9 screws on the underside that hold it together.
  18. 18x8.5 +35 OR +42?

    I'd run a 245/40 since it will fit. A 235/40 for a stretch. The 225/45 will work but damn.
  19. Ohio New tires and rims

    It honestly looks really nice, I'd ditch that center cap though. Same 18x8 spec as si, I did the opposite and went for 17x9 to run 255/40. Since there a bunch of load raitings on there do you know which one it is? Like 470 or 490kg.