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  1. What would you do?

    Make a post, ask for replys and opinions on a decision that's clearly lying to a legitimate business, a business that regardless weather or not the manager was a dick, you decided to do business with. If he was such a dick, you could have taken your business elsewhere. Receive 3 responses...
  2. Anyone offer a mesh kit to keep stuff from hitting the radiator and condensor?

    most people just use zip ties, about 3-4 of them.. its rigged i know but.. easy removal and if u put them high enough, they are hidden well.. I'm going to do this when i remove my bumper to replace my horn
  3. How many of you play VR games

    Heres just a generic video of DCS combat flight simulator for any interested ( no this isn't me ) - shows off a somewhat nice variety of action / startup / flying / carrier landing - one note here ( Avoid the Grim Reapers videos, they are like a plague of plagarism and stealing / monetizing...
  4. Game Console in Car

    i honestly think you would be better off with a raspberry pi screen, as an external and find a way to mount that somewhere - would make it much easier than trying to figure out which pin to plug in where on the radio and you would have a little 4-5 / 8 inch screen to mount instead as an...
  5. How many of you play VR games

    ive gotten pretty deep into DCS ( digital combat simulations ) and Elite Dangerous both for the PC with it. DCS really requires a beefy top of the line computer to run VR smoothly, something im close to having but not quite - its not well optimized. But Elite dangerous is an Eye opening...
  6. Game Console in Car

    youd have to find a way to adapt the DC in your car to AC with a plug that can handle the power requirements of the PS4 - plus where to put it, likely youd have to also find a way to connect the backup camera input to the output of the console.. i frankly see it as a massive waste with a stock...
  7. Installing 5-1/4 Speakers In Coupe Rear Deck (Custom Adapters)

    i wouldnt mind replacing the radio with a better unit - but loosing that volume knob would be a killer to me
  8. OEM Outdoor Car Cover - Not protecting?

    hm looking at that OEM car cover, it looks about the same as mine to be honest, id be curious to know more about it ( how many layers it is and whatnot ) - it may be better than i thought it was
  9. OEM Outdoor Car Cover - Not protecting?

    i would email covercraft if that's the choice you go with and see how they accommodate your Type R - let them know your concern and see what they can do. Alot of the measurements they do are quite well fitting - i bought their "NOAH" line for my 06 Silverado. LOVE it. Also it looks like they...
  10. OEM Outdoor Car Cover - Not protecting?

    It looks to me that its allowing dirt and water to permiate through, carrying with it dirt and particles. OEM does not always mean the best, far from it, its usually subcontracted out to other manufacturers for a bulk purchase. I'd put OEM accessory things like this as mid tier level...
  11. Installing 5-1/4 Speakers In Coupe Rear Deck (Custom Adapters)

    haha.. yea.. i gotta say though, your method is by far the prettiest / cleanest looking / most professional solution to this problem. So hats off to you sir.
  12. Installing 5-1/4 Speakers In Coupe Rear Deck (Custom Adapters)

    heh... everything does have a price that's for sure. And I'm sure it could be streamlined in some way too. Yea i don't think that would be worth it for that price. Figured id ask anyway. $50-60 sure
  13. Installing 5-1/4 Speakers In Coupe Rear Deck (Custom Adapters)

    I'd be interested to buy those from you if you made more. I'm sure alot more would also be intrested as 4 inch aftermarket speakers are lackluster and almost always combined units
  14. Installing 5-1/4 Speakers In Coupe Rear Deck (Custom Adapters)

    im curious how your mounts will fit underneath the rear deck cover, if it pokes out or if u have to trim the tunnels at all. Im worried about the foam of the speaker rubbing against those and wearing down the speaker early
  15. Increased road noise after new rims

    do they appear to be chopping or oddly worn in anyway? Heres a picture of the deadening pieces
  16. Increased road noise after new rims

    did your original wheels have those noise deadening pieces on them? Also did you get an alignment after transferring the tires to the new wheels?
  17. door panel insert replacement

    id venture to take the screw and large washer route honestly if i feel the need to, that should hold it. There just seems to be enough clips and odd corners all around it that it should hold itself into place without them, but more structure is always better
  18. door panel insert replacement

    I'm sorta having second thoughts, i bought a set of Si door panels ( The ones pictured with the fabric inserts with red stitching ) granted they are damaged somewhat - enough that I wouldn't want to remove my perfectly good ones and put those on for. But I'm more interested in the Black leather...
  19. Lift Kit for 2019 Civic 1.5t?

    alright thats not all THAT bad then.. paying that extra every month will certainly bring the total owed down significantly, decent intrest rate too so its not that bad. the 0 down kinda hurts you a bit as you financed more overall.. but more cash for cushion fund, and amung the pandemic that...
  20. Lift Kit for 2019 Civic 1.5t?

    "good deal" - i severely doubt it man, your getting screwed, credit takes time to build up, a cosigner could have been better, usually family member is willing to help with that. my pickup i bought, my dad was the "buyer" and i cosigned for it, but 6 months into the loan we refinanced him off...