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  1. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    @PowerPerLiter , I'd like to elaborate that if you're using Hondata as your basis for comparison about the "Knock Count" parameter, you're not entirely wrong. Hondata FlashPro and KTuner are showing something completely different from one another in terms of that. "Knock Count" in KTuner is an...
  2. Question:Why my TPS.CMD not wide open?

    You can try increasing the cylinder fill limits in those areas next.
  3. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    I arrived to correct misinformation, and have been met with resistance by those who have no experience.
  4. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    How many of these cars have you tuned?
  5. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    JFC, you know exactly what I'm referring to. The primary sensor is still an oxygen sensor.
  6. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    I do not need a lesson on how lambda feedback works. I have never seen fueling not be right on target following a flash, once the O2 has actually come online. Attached is a screen cap of log of a dyno run immediately following a flash, and driving the car juuuuuust long enough on the dyno in...
  7. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    I have never seen this. Once the sensor comes online and actually starts responding, it's always right on the lambda target.
  8. How my spark plugs seem to you

    They look like you've used fuel additives.
  9. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    I think you're mistaking the note regarding the time delay until the primary O2 sensor actually comes online.
  10. Intake manifold developement

    No, because of the extreme light weight.
  11. Manual Transmission Missing Bolt/Oil Leak?

    The shift select rods have seals that can wear/leak.
  12. Is turbo flutter achievable?

    RIP your turbo
  13. Custom tuned and hitting limp mode

    Nope, no checks. I'm not on KTuner payroll at all. I very well could have released the new basemaps for the FK8 as private-label off the shelf tunes for profit, but thought it best to share with KTuner for all to enjoy at no added cost for the FK8 platform.
  14. Intake manifold developement

    The biggest problem with a twin is the havoc it wreaks on the crank position signal.
  15. Custom tuned and hitting limp mode

    TSP didn't contract me for anything; I lock everything on my own, off-the-shelf or custom, as most tuners that aren't fly-by-night operations do. Every single car I tune has a locked calibration (well, at least all the platforms I can apply a lock to), for a few reasons: 1) To protect me 2)...
  16. Custom tuned and hitting limp mode

    Yet, you list one of my locked files on your car. :P
  17. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    That's a bit higher than the target; have a log of it to share? Please email it to me, and I'm happy to review it. The maximum commanded boost target on TSP1 is 24.5psi for just a short time. The logged pressure will go above that target on CVT cars after the system commands a "ratio" change...