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  1. The quest for 500miles on single tank of gas

    I've done 440 miles on 10.2 gallons, stopped as the light came on. You can do 500 on the car. I got 575 out of my life 13 2.4L accord. The 17.2G tank and averaging 36-39 on the highway.
  2. Minnesota FS: 2020 Civic si Sedan

    Check Carvana, they just offered 21k for my 19 with 10k miles GLWS
  3. 2018 CTR for sale

    caravana had my buddies 19 CTR with 8500 miles at 34k, seemed fair to me.
  4. 2018 CTR for sale

    try carvana
  5. 2019 SI - BT won't connect & cannot unpair CarPlay

    Ended up doing the force reboot of the radio and everything started to work again.
  6. 2019 SI - BT won't connect & cannot unpair CarPlay

    Any help is appreciated in this. In the last two weeks my iPhone 7 will pair to other bluetooth devices but not the car. If I do try to connect it pops up saying CarPlay is connected and cannot pair. When I try to delete my phone off CarPlay it freezes and will not delete. Plus CarPlay is...
  7. What's everyone's miles looking like?

    6700 miles since 7-4-19
  8. What’s your most loved/hated thing about your Si?

    Like the MPG and handles well. HATE the rattles & rev hang. I doubt the dealership would ever 'find' the rattles if I took it in
  9. Daily Driver and Track Toy, but Rattles

    My SI has a massive dash rattle and is 100% stock.
  10. Latest Hikari LEDs are very good

    WallofKron, Have a link to what you bought? The stock lights are garbage for me right now. I need to do something now that it is dark out 70% of the day
  11. What is the stock boost on the 19' SI

    With a stock SI I've seen 16-20 PSI
  12. Latest Hikari LEDs are very good

    For those who have tried the Hikari 9600 and 12000 for the low beams, are the 12000 worth 2x the money?
  13. Refreshed 2020 Civic Si

    Only thing i would like on my 19 is the LED lights. The bumpers and extra red inside aren't great, plus I'd rather have my right side camera then the sensing package.
  14. Refreshed 2020 Civic Si

    Glad to see no mechanical changes
  15. Things you don't LOVE about the 10gen Si

    For me: Poor AC performance, tint helped Rev Hang sucks unless you granny shift, I constantly chirp the 1-2 shift scaring soccer moms
  16. Shifting into 2nd

    The rev hang combined with being fwd always makes the 1-2 shift a little rough if you 4k rpm plus on the shift to 2nd.
  17. Autocross Video Sharing!

    Mike is going to get the car pushed to BS
  18. Input on upgrading | SI to CTR

    I drove a coworkers CTR this morning. The power difference is immense and and the rev match was awesome. I'd buy new since values are holding so well. I'd grab some rims off someone parting out their CTR or get a 18" set off Tire rack with some all seasons for all year utility.
  19. How much does your Si cost you each month?

    $70/Gas Payment Zero
  20. Civic Si in GS

    Check the offset to be GS legal