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  1. swift spring noise

    Coilovers? Wasn't this about the Swift lowering springs? Afaik Swift lowering springs don't have them .
  2. swift spring noise

    It depends how much coils are touching but i asume there are at least 3 that touch. So 2 insulators for each spring. Or for the front springs 1 should be enough if it is in de center of the 3 springs offcourse. Where did you put the insulator?
  3. swift spring noise

    Most likely 90-130, And 130+
  4. Aftermaket lug nuts

    Let me inform you right now , i had these same lug nuts in red years ago .They are steel lug nuts which are chrome plated and then painted. The paint comes off very easily ,is Very thin and you'll end up with half chromed lug nuts. I still have the lug nuts and i'm going to strip the paint off...
  5. swift spring noise

    Install spring coil insulators ,tein also sells them $5 each tein spring coil insulators
  6. Who makes shocks and struts for a 10th gen?

    Tein allready makes them (endura pro & enduro pro plus) , Billstein makes Stock replacements ( b4) and also is developing B6 shocks and a coilover set (B14 PSS) according to the german billstein website.
  7. SI Sedan Stock Exhaust Measurements

    I can confirm these measurements of the oem FK8 type-R exhaust : 1) Immediately after front pipe flange: 54mm 2) 1-2" down pipe after a weld: 61mm 3) Input to resonator: 61mm 4) Output of resonator: 60mm ---- START OVAL SECTION ---- 5) After bend 4-5" after resonator: 66x57mm 6) Pipe at end of...
  8. SI Sedan Stock Exhaust Measurements

    Great! Thanks for measuring this! The SI exhaust is as big as the Type-r exhaust .Only the rear section is different .Type r goes to 2x 2" the SI is actually bigger . So this is also why PRL said the stock exhaust isn't a restriction .(They tested the Oem Si exhaust ) This makes a lot more...
  9. QUIETEST Performance Turbo Back Exhaust

    Too many People measure with something that isn't accured enough. That Guy said the si exhaust was 2 3/8 before and 2.5"after.That would make it larger then a type R exhaust which is 2 3/8". The oval section only Starts at the and before it splits into 2 X2". The stock ex-t muffler also has a...
  10. QUIETEST Performance Turbo Back Exhaust

    Afaik the SI exhaust is 2" OD. The small bottleneck thing is just some BS 27won is trying to sell which doesn't make any sence at all.The bottleneck on the Type-r exhaust is (2.15") or 54mm OD and 2" ID and is about 2" long.(which could easly be removed also) Afaik the SI exhaust is 2" OD.So it...
  11. QUIETEST Performance Turbo Back Exhaust

    If you want quiet and something larger then stock the OEM type R exhaust is just that. It's 2.38" OD with 18gauge wall thickness (60.5mm and 1.2mm wall) and goes to a double 2" muffler in the rear.I have one laying here and measured the sizes with a digital caliper. Also there are a few that...
  12. California WTB: INTERCOOLER For 2020 Coupe Si

    I would also look into Wagner Tuning those are really great quality.A lot of FK8 owners in europe prefer them .They also make a 1.5T intercooler .
  13. Si Changed out the stock Transmission Flulid for 75W-90 and TBH I think was a good idea

    In the older civic transmissions ( 92-00) i used Torco MTF without any problems also with a Mfactory helical LSD.It would be way better if our transmission had a oil pump and a cooler that makes the oil last longer. The 2016 Civic Type R (FK2R) has a MTF cooler from factory.I always wondered...
  14. Am I the only one that actually likes the orange OEM side marker?

    Yep same thing here people are swapping their clear ones for amber ones.Personally i never liked clear ones ,not on my previous 98 hatch and not now.I always liked the amber ones,but i will be swapping over to some smoked /ones with amber turn signal.
  15. Si 2020 Si 0 miles block build thread

    I would get the head ported for sure . For me the best Guy to do this is still Larry from Endyn in Forth worth TX. He could also port the oil pump and give great advise on the engine build. Great old wise Guy!
  16. Si Stock Boot Pressure for real or misleading advertising?

    It depends on the outside temperature.I've seen almost 16psi on my non si and as low as 14psi with different temperatures.The ECU just says to make that much torque and it regulates the boost and everything Else to that. As for going Wot in 5th and 6th ... There's too much bs stories going on...
  17. Suspension setup with straight line driving dynamics of S2000 CR ?

    This is mostly what your shock absorbers will absorb .If there is a way to change the settings of the shock absorber or replace them with aftermarket ones then you'll get it to be firmer on a straight line.Suspension bushings don't do a lot to that except when you replace them all.
  18. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Do you have a dyno chart of that rebuild TD025?And did he used the Mamba turbo rebuild kit?
  19. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Type one / spoon just posted some testing of their big turbo / mhi turbo .they had 274whp and 42kgm torque VS stock 166whp and 23kgm. That's a lot of torque on a stock? Engine! SPOON has been working on the 10th generation CIVIC in partnership with HONDATA, focusing on 1.5 turbocharged L15...
  20. Si Blox racing 58mm throttle body

    It's still weird Because the gasket has a 2-3mm wall of plastic Between it so this TB is actually too large for the OEM intake. You'll have a 2-3 MM Edge against flow... I would measure the stock intake manifold before installing this if i where you..