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  1. Sell now or in 2021?

    Did you sell to a Honda dealer? I’m looking to sell my 2018 with 40k miles. Carvana and vroom are not buying cars at the moment. Thanks
  2. SOLD! PRL Stage 1 Intake Tube - $50 (New is $90) - Fits Stock Airbox and Eventuri Intake

    Stage 1 Intake Tube with clamps needed for install. Works with factory airbox and also Eventuri intake system with minor modification. In addition to increasing power, this makes blow off sound louder. This replaces the corrugated factory inlet hose with better looking, smoother flowing 4-ply...
  3. SOLD! KTuner V1.2 + PRL Stage 1 Intake Bundle for sale: $375 OBO ($540 value if new)

    Hi All - selling my KTuner V1.2 with Stage 1 Intake Tube as a bundle. $375 OBO plus shipping (new $540 value). Perfect working order and was professionally installed by PRL Motorsports. KTuner is unpaired from car. Stage 1 Intake Tube works with stock airbox / filter. Reason for sale: I'm...
  4. SOLD! PRL Catted Downpipe for sale - $350. Will throw in Stage 1 intake tube for free

    The downpipe has the 3 bolts needed to connect to the front pipe. You’ll need to reuse the factory hardware from the turbo side of the downpipe (see image attached). The intake tube has all of the clamps
  5. SOLD! PRL Catted Downpipe for sale - $350. Will throw in Stage 1 intake tube for free

    As noted. pM me. Pic attached. reason for sale: selling car Throwing in the intake tube to sweeten the deal. Thanks.
  6. SOLD! Ktuner V1.2 For Sale - $350 plus shipping (LOWERED PRICE)

    Responded to Private messages. Still available!
  7. Ktuner/hondata for sale? And question..

    I prefer Ktuner V1.2 over Ktuner V2 primarily because of it's wireless feature, and here is why: With Ktuner V1.2, you can set up data / gauges directly on the headunit (you need to install Hondahack of course). It is seamless. When you turn the car on, the Ktuner app automatically appears on...
  8. SOLD! Ktuner V1.2 For Sale - $350 plus shipping (LOWERED PRICE)

    BUMP for new lowered price (now $350).
  9. SOLD! Type R SPC Rear Camber Arms For Sale - $225 + Shipping

    Hi all - selling my rear camber arms (I am selling car). These are a must-have if you are planning to lower your car and have aggressive offset wheels. Also a must have if you track your car and want the right amount of camber in the rear. I had these paired with a set of Eibach Sportline...
  10. SOLD! Type R Eibach Sportline Springs for Sale $175+ Shipping

    Selling the EIbach Sportline springs from my car: New they were $315. Everything was professionally installed by a highly reputable tuning shop that is known for its suspension work (R/T Tuning in Pennsylvania). They lower the...
  11. SOLD! Ktuner V1.2 For Sale - $350 plus shipping (LOWERED PRICE)

    Hi All - selling my KTuner V1.2. $350 plus shipping (new it is $450). Perfect working order. Will be unpaired from car. Will work on all tenth generation civics (base model, SI, Type Rs). This came off of my 2018 Type R. Reason for sale: I'm selling my car. Located in Philadelphia. I prefer...
  12. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    I just want to point out, in most driving conditions, you will not get a 0-60 time in the Type R in the mid 5 second range. You need to hit it PERFECTLY to get close to this. This includes with wider, stickier rubber, and more power.
  13. 2019 Type R - CW - Pittsburgh, PA - build thread

    If you are looking for lowering springs or rear camber arms, mine will be up for sale in the coming few weeks. I am in Philly. I have the Sportline Springs and the SPC Control Arms.
  14. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    Buy used. No need to buy a brand new car. 2018+.
  15. Remus Exhaust: Detailed Review

    i am selling my car and the exhaust will be up for sale soon! PM me if anyone is interested
  16. Trade my CTR for WRX, looking for opinions

    Thanks, yes I've done a good deal of research and at the end of the day it can be reasonable if you find a clean car, with the right mileage, the right years (2012+), etc. The most expensive maintenance items I see are tires, brakes, and transmission flush. And that is if you go with the OEM...
  17. Trade my CTR for WRX, looking for opinions

    Working on getting into a 2012-2014 GT-R...we'll see!
  18. Trade my CTR for WRX, looking for opinions

    My brother has a WRX with a basic cobb tune. In slow speed, stop-and-go 1st and 2nd gear traffic, the WRX does have more "go" as its AWD and gets moving much quicker. FWD kills the CTR to the point where you can't really move fast until you're going above 30-40mph. After almost 2 years I am also...
  19. OEM Continental Sportcontact tires (1000 miles, like new). $600 OBO. Located in PA.

    Sorry, they're sold. I will be parting out my car in the next month or so. See my signature for link to my build thread with all parts listed. Wheels are already sold.
  20. NY: FK8 Part-Out, Quality Parts! [PRL/FKX Racing/EVS Tuning/Ktuner/Dream/Sweidit/Hasport/Remus

    Just sent you a PM. I am parting out my FBO Type R. All high quality parts (see my signature below for build thread).