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  1. F1 Talk Anyone?

    We're waiting for the spending limits to cut back Mercedes and make more equal teams. But knowing Mercedes they will probably find some way around the rules.
  2. Honda Floating a return of the CRZ?

    If they don't finally release the S2K successor then it should be in that niche.
  3. insurance

    I mean as long as it is paid off you are all good. If you are still paying it off and the loan company finds out you don't have full coverage they can put one right up your butt.
  4. End of Civic Si and Coupe for 10th gen

    Talk to anyone in almost any other country and they will tell you manual's are far more prevalent than auto. We've become lazy drivers in the US.
  5. Civic Sport Manual vs Civic Si Sedan

    2020 Sport has almost all of what you mentioned now. Even leather inserts in the seats and leather door and center armrest. Sound system is now 8 speaker with the upgraded head unit, push button, and sensing standard. The problem would be finding a manual Sport hatch anymore. They were SUPER...
  6. Civic Sport Manual vs Civic Si Sedan

    I think it all depends on if you want the extra power vs the extra cargo space. I liked the Sport hatch so much I'm already on my second one. Supposedly in a year we might see an Si hatch so....
  7. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Luckily it was still there. Saved you a stack of cash not having to send it off. Now go use it on your wife's hatch.
  8. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Yeah, you have to flash it back to stock and then press unlock from vehicle on the unit in order to get it off the vehicle.
  9. It's Official! There will be 11th gen sedans and hatches!

    They'd just give the Sport the Si motor and give the Si the R or a detuned version of the current R motor which would save money since they all can be swapped to any current gen chassis. That's just my opinion though if they want to push up the hp without a big issue.
  10. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Just wait for the Si Hatch in a year or so.
  11. End of Civic Si and Coupe for 10th gen

    Can't wait for the Si Hatch to come back. I just traded out of my 17 for the 20 Sport and now I'll probably have to start all over again.
  12. It's Official! There will be 11th gen sedans and hatches!

    I mean if the CTR goes to 400hp then the Si will be closer to 300 or high 200's to balance out the levels. We can only hope the Sport and Sport Touring get boosted to above 200 with good mpg still and better rods like the Si motor has.
  13. Ktunner ecu communication failed(solved)

    Have you plugged it into your car or just your PC?
  14. cabin filter

    Yeah I don't understand why the price went up so high. I was paying $13 for them at the dealer before and then the last time I tried to get one they had gone up over double. I get them at Walmart now for $13. Check it every 5k miles as the dang things last only about 10k miles before they are...
  15. Should I buy it?

    Wow, that sucks. Time to move I guess. LOL
  16. Fog light housing hole?

    Yeah, there shouldn't be a giant hole in the foglight. What the heck?
  17. Should I buy it?

    OP can't get a manual where they live. Anyway, how much more is a base 1.5t where you live over a K20 Civic?
  18. AC vents smelly when first starting car?

    Don't run the AC on recirc if you want to avoid this. It only lets in minimal outside air to get rid of the condensation on the evap. I always notice this on cars that only run recirc. It really does not make enough of a difference. I live in AZ and have never used it.
  19. 1.5T Burble/Crackle Tune

    Thermal R&D had some good crackles on decel on my 6MT.