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  1. Keyfob signal blocking case/pouch

    And you suggested something the OP didn't ask for. Faraday bags are easy to find. You think if the OP wanted a Faraday bag they would have had to ask for help?
  2. Keyfob signal blocking case/pouch

    You all missed the point of the OP - he wants a signal attenuating bag, not a faraday bag. He wants to be able to keep the key in the bag so the key only works if you're close to the car. That's how the entire keyless system works in the first place. Also like I said before it doesn't stop a...
  3. Keyfob signal blocking case/pouch

    I don't think a pouch that allows any signal through is a good investment. If you have a pouch that attenuates the signal and it only works within 5 feet of the car, what's stopping the thief from standing on the other side of the wall where you keep the pouch and amplifying the signal? The...
  4. Cons to HondaHack?

    I noticed the conflict with the lanewatch camera and the manual reverse camera, as well. However the last 3 or 4 times I tried to use the manual reverse camera and had the head unit freeze I did not use the lane watch camera at all. I simply turned the reverse camera on and then back off.
  5. Cons to HondaHack?

    Because you're essentially rooting the head unit, it may void the head unit warranty. Fortunately it can be uninstalled or simply just hidden when you take your car to the dealership, so they won't be able to know it's there. Although if you somehow suffered a total, unrecoverable head unit...
  6. What has been your favorite inexpensive mod?

    LED turn signals from Lasfit. I love the look of turn signals that are instant full brightness, instant off. The "slow" fade-in and fade-out of halogens looks archaic. Coupe Front, Sedan Front, Sedan Rear Coupe Rear I find them for sale on for under $50 a pair frequently. I...
  7. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    Only after 6:30AM pacific ;)
  8. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    I'll do one better and say by September 22, the last day of summer.
  9. Resetting camshafts after head gasket replacement and auto tensioner

    Looking further at the service manual, it doesn't really say anything about the tensioner becoming fully extended. They definitely wrote it assuming if you removed it, you would be compressing and inserting the pin first. I think you might be off the rails with that. A new tensioner is about...
  10. Resetting camshafts after head gasket replacement and auto tensioner

    The removal guide should help you with compressing the auto tensioner, it looks like you just compress it and insert a pin. The camshaft lock tool is only $23 Although it really looks like it's just two pins. You...
  11. Cons to HondaHack?

    Every once in a while the reduce music volume in reverse feature gets stuck and my music won't return to normal volume for a while. Using the enable reverse camera while not in reverse frequently causes my head unit to crash. I just stopped using them. Based on my complaints about things...
  12. Sensors are going nuts

    Might be a weak/dying battery. It tends to throw a bunch of dash errors.
  13. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    I have had the 27Won CAI for over a year, and I cut out the driver side vent to match the passenger side for better airflow. My steady state temps when driving consistently for a long period, such as a freeway drive for more than 30 minutes, are nearly always 14F over ambient.
  14. Should I get an Oil Change??

    Great, I'm glad you can't be bothered to read where I specified none of this takes longer than filling the tank. I'm finished checking the oil and inspecting and back in my seat before the pump turns off. I'm sorry someone hurt you by leaving their parked car blocking a pump to go buy an energy...
  15. Should I get an Oil Change??

    Go shitpost somewhere else.
  16. Should I get an Oil Change??

    It takes more time to pump 10 gallons of gas than it does to check your oil level and look over your engine for 20 seconds. Also, screw you. Chastising someone for taking care of a multi-ton death machine to ensure it doesn't kill another day is unacceptable.
  17. Seafoam for our engines?

    If you use top tier gas with detergents, that's all you need. There has also been no evidence the L15B7 is susceptible to valve carbon buildup. There are a lot of factors at play, from a well designed PCV system that contains a labyrinth of baffles to minimize the oil recirculation into the...
  18. Anyone offer a mesh kit to keep stuff from hitting the radiator and condensor?

    Based on your username I would assume you have a sport hatchback which has the 1.5T engine. What you're seeing with bent fins is not the condenser, but the intercooler.
  19. What color is your Civic Si?

    It is.
  20. How often do you guys run map 3 on TSP stage 1 tune?

    You've gotta ask TSP to send you a new version with the reversed map slots.