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  1. Civic 1.5 Turbo Flex Fuel Kit by SiriMoto! + E85 Info for 1st Timers

    My fuel economy has risen since installing the sirimoto E85 kit. It rose up to 40.1 initially, today we saw it rise to 40.8 on a long almost 500 mile drive. My range display rose to 500 miles at filling up and I’ll be monitoring range remaining against the map APP tomorrow for the next 430 mile...

    Apologies in advance for breaking in on a type r models forum, but I was looking through E 85 threads and thought I would reply regarding the fuel consumption I’m getting with a 2017 Honda touring coupe with mods regarding E 85. We CLIMBED up to 40.8 miles per gallon while doing 80 miles an...

    Roger that! On the Jetta TDI I had TPMS sensors in the wheels; they were a pain in the ass. If you’re not careful while putting air in them you can break them off and have a flat tire in seconds.

    Dude. I was looking at that screen and saw the "fourth page" icon at the bottom and couldn't figure a way to get through that. Dohhhh! Maybe now I'll be able reset my oil interval, LOL! Maybe even my radio presets! :v
  5. Extended warranty for 2016-2018 Turbo/drivetrain due to oil dillution?

    Two totally different machines, I'm on my third oil set in 12,000 miles. One was because I added a Sirimoto oil cooler at 7,000 miles, so the factory oil went out the window. Just checked it recently due to the gasoline in the oil apocalypse at 12,000 miles and replaced it.
  6. Extended warranty for 2016-2018 Turbo/drivetrain due to oil dillution?

    I was driving 62 miles one way on a commute getting about 52 MPG. Here is the link to the information I found interesting during my tenure as a oil burner...

    No, I've meant to take into the stealership to have it fixed, but it's 45 miles up the road. How does one "recalibrate" their TPMS? I've worked with them in Volkswagens and their rigid valve stem concoculations, but I think the Honda uses wheel rotations v.s. tire size to calculate low tire...
  8. SiriMoto Flexfuel Kit Install

    I had to take off the front bumper because I had SiriMoto's oil cooler lines in the way of that sensor on the radiator. It was good practice, I had a vacation drive to the east coast and I wanted to see how the oil lines and connections were holding up. After a FUBAR in installing the Hondata...
  9. SiriMoto Flex Fuel install went well

    Footnote to this install, make sure you know how to use your black box before you start dumping anything over E15 in the car. LOL, everything turned ok, I was going to retune for stock or something else to clear a problem then I found out the problem was sitting in the driver's seat.
  10. R.T.F.N. LOL

    In aviation we have a term, "Read The F*#@Kin Notes" when it comes to instrument approach plates, charts, manuals, etc. My first ECU reflash was a bit of a sticky wicket, but in the end it went well. Having used VAG-COM on a VW TDI, flashing lights, bells and whistles and what not are not...
  11. Has anyone used the Hondata +6 PSI tune on CVT with Regular Fuel

    After I did the +6 tune for injen and cat back, I tried the high octane/no ethanol, at our local chain. The results, at least in how I felt about driving with that tank of gas were meh. Then I tried a tank of E15, 88 Octane. Things seemed to come together with that fuel. I now run it in my...

    Mine's been illuminated since I took it off the lot, tires are 4lbs over what the door sill sticker says.
  13. Extended warranty for 2016-2018 Turbo/drivetrain due to oil dillution?

    off-the-cuff, not a mechanic or an engineer, but I’d rather have a little bit of gasoline in my oil than the oil gelling problem that the Toyotas had back in the 90s.
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    SiriMoto E85 conversion! Next week, LED parking, brake lights in the rear bumper where the reflectors are.
  15. Extended warranty for 2016-2018 Turbo/drivetrain due to oil dillution?

    What isn’t readily apparent in the great information in your post is the fact that the oil for the TDI is a long life detergent oil, VW Spec 507. With the TDI “clean diesel” engine, soot was not suspended so much in the oil anymore, but sent to the diesel particulate filter where it was captured...
  16. How often do you use Sport Mode?

    Letting your car idle before driving is a waste of gas. However, the real killer for a car is short trips, you’ll have water condensate in your oil and your exhaust system. The former will cause oil jelling, the latter corrosion in your pipes. I’ve seen Camrys, RAV4s and Ford Escorts toss an...
  17. SiriMoto Flex Fuel install went well

    I kind of held off on installing it after I got my Hondata tune for my bolt-ons. I experimented with E 15 and no alcohol hi test and I found that the E 15 ran really good with the Hondata tune for my N1 Nvidia exhaust and cold air intake. One of the things that cost me a little bit of extra...
  18. Ktuner or Extended Warranty?

    With the possibility of a the oil being diluted with gasoline "recall", I'm going to install my SIRIMOTO E85 conversion on my 2017 Civic Touring Coupe, damn the torpedoes, fuel speed ahead. I survived the TDI buyback without looking back, they can pay for my new 300 HP racer's only crate engine...
  19. Extended warranty for 2016-2018 Turbo/drivetrain due to oil dillution?

    Would you get in a plane where the pilot didn't check the oil? We have a company policy that the oil levels in our turboprop engines are checked before AND after a flight. Also note, the ECU prolly makes a note each time the hood is raised. This was part of the VW TDI variable service plan to...