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  1. CTR Clutch Delay Valve Removal

    I had the exact feeling, until I removed it.
  2. CTR Clutch Delay Valve Removal

    You are right about the original purpose of the valve. It should not do anything during clutch disengagement. But if you look at the valve itself, there is a tiny metal ball with a spring that is suppose to move when you press the clutch pedal. It still restricts the flow when pressing the...
  3. Two tire blow outs in a year

    BTW, did you get the correct version of the 245/30R20 Sport Contact 6 tire? There are 2 versions of them, one of them is Honda spec.
  4. Dealer said my brakes need to be replaced next visit. Is this a realistic quote??

    If you need new cheap but good brake rotors, get these OEM quality (same Brembo) for $100 a piece. I think you can get them cheaper than $129...
  5. Two tire blow outs in a year

    These tires tend to melt at high temperatures. They are very soft.
  6. 2018 Type R Oil Change Info

    It does not matter that much. These 3 are close to each other. The best is to get a oil temp gauge and watch the engine oil temperature. Too bad the FK8 does not have one. The FK2R does have one built in. If the oil temperature never gets higher than 100 degC (212F), then 0W-20, 0W-30, 5W-30 are...
  7. 2018 Type R Oil Change Info

    It depends on the load, age and temperature. It is very naïve to say that your high quality 0W-20 doesn't sheer (never?). You can also find 0W-30 and 0W-40 oils that don't sheer (most of the time).
  8. 2018 Type R Oil Change Info

    My Honda dealer said 0W-20 is for the emission homologation. They advised me to use 0W-40 Castrol Edge. Sometimes I even use 10W-60 (track use). No problems ever. I use the same Castrol Edge in my DC2 and S2k. 0W-20 Honda oil type 2 is fine for normal use, you don't HAVE to use something else...
  9. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    Honda said that the big rear wing reduces turbulence (and therefore air drag), it is there not only for creating down force. Maybe someone can verify that. The FK8 and the FK2R have a relatively high top speed (taking engine power into account). So, I think Honda might be right.
  10. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    The FK8 front suspension is more or less the same as the FK2R, so using the FK2 wheel with the same offset does not require much research. The rear suspension is completely different, though.
  11. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    Those wheels are FK2R 19 inch wheels without the red striping.
  12. strange clutch thing happened

    The CDV valve is also slowing down the clutch engagement. You can dump the clutch, the CDV valve will help you. Or remove the CDV valve and you have full control.
  13. Anyone else having paint peal off their break calipers in the front?

    Do you use wheel cleaners. They are very aggressive against paint.
  14. FK2 Gear knob swap.

    Weight is the same? Mine is not polished, but indeed it looks better than the FK8 version.
  15. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    I do not agree. The FK2R transmission is the same as the FK8 and it is the smoothest of all cars I have owned (DC2, S2000, EK, EG, CU2).
  16. How long before the Type R is automatic only in the US?

    Manual sports cars will become a niche product, remember the Porsche 911R?
  17. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    That heavier knob acts as an extra filter (mass = inertia). It filters out forces to your hand. The gearbox does not change, you just feel less feedback/forces/vibration coming out of the gearbox. That leather does some filtering too. Because it is heavier and longer it also slows down the knob...
  18. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    Yes, no grind in the beginning, but everything is smoother after removing the CDV valve. Much smoother than my old S2000 and DC2R.