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  1. Considering 2.0 6M sedan or SI

    My Si insurance is about the same as the Sport hatch, but mine didn't have Sensing so that could be a factor. Definitely worth it imo, you get so much for a little money. Resale might be better too.
  2. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    Maybe, but I've never bought the idea the Si hurts Type R sales. A detuned 2.0L Type R probably would negate a Si hatch, but I think they'd not detune it, just decontent to drop the price a little, like the Sport Europe gets.
  3. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    I agree, the gap from Si to Type R is too large ($11k?). They need a Type R with modest wing, cheaper 19s, lose the nav and stereo etc. Maybe even detune it if you want to sell it $5k cheaper.
  4. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    If you put a 2.0T in the Si, you have to change all kinds of things - you need more cooling, better brakes, suspension changes, body stiffening etc - by using the 1.5T in the Si, Honda barely had to change anything vs the rest of the lineup. That allows them to sell the Si for $2k more than a...
  5. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    225 hp Si hatch w/ LSD and LEDs for $27k, perfect. Yeah, if they can reliably get the 1.5T up to 225 hp, that's what they'll do for sure. They don't want the Si to be $30k.
  6. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    While I prefer the hatch, the hatch ST has the moonroof anyway which I don't like, and no LSD, and would have been like $2-3k more. What I really want is LSD, LEDs, and no moonroof. Yeah I know, Type R. :)
  7. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    Rather than tuning the 1.5T further, Honda should design a more efficient and cheaper 2.0T for use in the Si.
  8. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    taxi driver? Didn't know they existed anymore post Uber.
  9. Photo request - Aegean blue + silver wheels

    I ordered silver wheels for my winter set today. Rial Bavaro 17s. My Aegean sport had two sets of black wheels so i want to try silver with my blue Si this time.
  10. Lanewatch not working

    You can turn the stupid thing off? Sweet.
  11. Need 17" winter wheel/tire setup for Si?

    THanks, I saw that brand but knew nothing about them. Can't go wrong with German wheels for $140! If I didn't like the stock Si wheels I might go for the OZs for summer, but I really like the 2020 wheels.
  12. Need 17" winter wheel/tire setup for Si?

    THanks man! The other wheel on Tirerack I like is the 17" OZ HyperGT GLT, but that's $360/wheel, which seems really nutty for winter wheels. :oops: I also hate to buy such an expensive wheel in a small size, but don't want to risk 18s in winter.
  13. Need 17" winter wheel/tire setup for Si?

    I need a winter set for the new Si, thinking 215/50R17 snow tires, maybe Nokian or Continental, and 17x7.5 wheels. (it's hard to find 17x7 on Tirerack which seems more ideal). Anyone know a good website besides Tirerack for viewing wheels? Are 215s ok on 7.5" wheels for winter? Leaning toward...
  14. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    Nice, I think I could have gotten an SE w/ Perf Package for as low as $26k if you refuse the 0%. It's a friggen steal really, especially with 2020 DCC/Fender-equipped cars at $37k. I test drive a GTI three times, could never pull the trigger, not sure why. I prefer the Si for some reason.
  15. How often do you get the urge to impulsively trade/sell your Si

    I saw a white Fit Sport in the showroom when I picked up my Si, kinda wish I needed another car. Sweet little car for $17k.
  16. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    I think a GTI resale is so poor and Type R so high that it would cost the same over the life of the car. Unless you buy a used GTI at close to trade in, then you might make out.
  17. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    So you've never driven on a track, that's what I figured, lol. The part that needs upgrading is you, not the car. Guys who've actually been to track days have seen it many times, a guy shows up, is really slow and blames the car, spends a ton of money to upgrade it, is still slow, so trades the...
  18. Help Me Find/Buy an SI

    What I did to find my blue Si (purchased last week) was first use Truecar to generate a deal ($2100 off MSRP). The dealer refused to honor it, but i emailed around a few other dealers that had Si's in stock and a couple did honor it. If you find a receptive dealer, tell them to find you a blue...
  19. How is SI in the snow without snow tires.

    Don't bother with snow tires on a leased car in NJ. You'll be fine, the LSD will help.
  20. 2021 Hyundai Elantra

    Yes, I think an Si hatch is very likely, since hatch sales have far exceeded expectations. I think you'll see an Si hatch with a midly updated 1.5T, rather than a 2.0T. It won't compete with the Type R, and will fill the void of the Si coupe. I think the Type R is a hatch because it's a far...