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  1. What should I do first K&N SRI with a TurboXS Hybrid reculating/VTA BOV or Ktuner V.2??

    Im gonna be selling my ktuner v2 and im in GTA. You dont have to pay retail. If interested let me know.
  2. How are hatches with infant?

    lol! Hope my kid will enjoy the drive like yours does. My buddy’s kid cant stand when in vehicles. ill probably keep my hatch for now since there are only 3 of us most of the time. Ill focus on getting our own house for now. Ill rent a van or something if its necessary.
  3. How are hatches with infant?

    keeping my hatch for now i guess. Love the mpg of these hatch and i cant imagine driving suv with terrible mpg. Ill take a look at this car seat when the time comes. My gf due date is around summer of next year. Got plenty of time to prep. lol! When i was young we could not afford even beaten...
  4. How are hatches with infant?

    Im 5’7” as well. Looks like i have no worries after all.
  5. How are hatches with infant?

    Looks like you’re right. Only issue i have now is letting my gf drive stick. Im afraid she will burn the clutch.
  6. How are hatches with infant?

    Thanks! What kind of exhaust do you have? The drive is already boring with stock exhaust.
  7. How are hatches with infant?

    Yeah first kid. Thanks. I also took off my catback because in the future i might trade my hatch for something bigger and automatic. My gf will need to drive somehow and she cant drive stick.
  8. How are hatches with infant?

    Going to be a dad soon. Hows your daily with a hatchback? Already took off my catback for silent commute. Anybody here with hatch with an infant?
  9. Whats Wrong With This Picture?

    TypeR cvt? Lol! Seats are Direct swap?
  10. ?Sport Touring bike rack?

    There is no hitch available for 10th gen civic with center exhaust unless you go custom made. I believe someone here made a custom hitch. Im a cyclist and I prefer hitch bike rack but since i have a center exhaust, i ended up getting a roofrack.
  11. greddy supreme sp for hatcback

    Hi im selling my greddy supreme sp for hatchback. Have to go back to stock for trade in. Selling for $650.
  12. Concern with my LTFT/STFT

    Thanks for your reply. Im not running oil on my filter. Im still using the oem filter. Fulled the sensor to visually check and its dry and clean. Its around 32 degrees fahrenheit here in canada at the moment.
  13. High negative LTFT help

    Im basically stock other than greddy catback exhaust. Ktuner V2 reads my LTFT1 -12. Can a catback exhaust really cause this reading? Just flashed the car yesterday to one of the base tune for my fk7.
  14. Concern with my LTFT/STFT

    Yes no other other mods. It kind of still bugs me though. Did some research lately so Negative LTFT means theres restriction on intake not enough air coming in? Is that correct?
  15. Concern with my LTFT/STFT

    I may put back my stock exhaust back. I bought my greddy exhaust 2nd hand and installer tried to reuse old gasket. Im suspecting i have an exhaust leak.
  16. Concern with my LTFT/STFT

    Im new to this and just bought a ktuner v2. Before flashing i went for a 20km drive with the screen hooked up. My LTFT was at -12%. I went to flash to a base tune before heading home and the LTFT went back up again to -12% again. STFT after flash idle around -10% and -2 to -7% under...
  17. Im about to pickup a ktuner 2nd hand question

    What if you dont have a laptop?
  18. Im about to pickup a ktuner 2nd hand question

    Told myself im gonna wait before my warranty expires but that would be in couple of years and i dont have the patience for that. Lol! The seller said he used the ktuner from previous gen civic. Will the ktuner work for fk7 civics?