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  1. Civic Type R Owners: What do you do for a living?

    I work in compliance at a insurance company. I started out in infosec but had a knack for finding holes in process. My current job fell in my lap and I ran with it. I do my best to make sure your data is used, stored and destroyed safely.
  2. If the Si had 230 HP, would you still have bought the R?

    100%, what is it a 700 dollar problem?
  3. Thoughts on this deal

    Hey Bob we need a way to justify 300 dollars on each type R for the bosses orgy yacht vacation fund what you got? VIN etching should do it.
  4. Fact or BS - Dealer said it's normal for CTR to not start after sitting for 6 days

    Mine sits for 3-4 weeks sometimes. That’s bs. there’s a parasitic leak on that somewhere.
  5. Refreshed 2020 Civic Type R, here it is!

    The fuck, car tryna kill you.
  6. Refreshed 2020 Civic Type R, here it is!

    If you’re seeing the difference 60 lbs makes, I hope you’re trying out for your racing license. no offense.
  7. Refreshed 2020 Civic Type R, here it is!

    Honestly hoping I can grab a boost blue near MSRP within “reason”. I know I’m going to get fucked a little, but will upload my progress when summer hits and I can find one. Woot woot.
  8. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Liking the new color.
  9. Brake overheating using 18" rims on track?

    If I had to guess, the rotors are fine, I'd focus on changing the pads to a track oriented material.
  10. 2020 Type-R is in limbo

    Honestly, the speculation here is asinine. Just wait til Honda makes a statement, then we can complain, laugh, or drool without this garbage doubt.
  11. 2020 Type-R is in limbo

    and I want a second one.... I was looking at used S2000's but used mid-mileage (40-60K) FK8's are dropping into the high 20's online. That's practically the same price as a similar mileage AP2 S2K.
  12. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    Nah man, I can do without the self righteous attitude. If you’re willing to spread the information you should understand the possible consequences and to be clear the harm you may put others in by leaking corporate info. People lose jobs over this type of ordeal which can be seen as corporate...
  13. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    So you wanted to inform the masses, and you’re surprised it leaked? To be clear, you’re the leak. The only person responsible for the news escaping the forum is you. I don’t think anyone asked for the info in the first place, so I’m fine with you keeping it to yourself to be honest. Especially...
  14. Global Color Choices Chart Shows Why Prob No Phoenix Yellow

    I'm not sure this analysis is indicative of what colors would be utilized for sport specific vehicles. Here's why I think that, this graph does not provide clear metrics per type of vehicle, it only attempts to do so. Rather, this graph groups more than one type of vehicle together, this skews...
  15. New Race-Ready Civic Type R TC

    It can registered as a kit car in USA but it is not assembled by the owner. They’ve been using Honda engines for a while but the Type R engine is something new. Pretty slick. You can buy them at the link below, but you’re better off building a factory five 818 or a Exocet as the atom is just...
  16. New Race-Ready Civic Type R TC

    Same, i’m wondering if that front grill is different to offer more airflow.
  17. CTR TC

    It's the TC, not the TCR. Different car. I actually posted the Honda press release for this earlier this morning, it's a few topics down.