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  1. Are you still happy with your Civic?

    I'm with OP. Also bought the car mainly for the ACC (plus Android Auto for future-proof infotainment) and I'm still yet to see a contender in this class that would seriously make me consider parting ways with the Civic. It just offers so much (both equipment- and size-wise) for what it is. I...
  2. 17 Si will not go into 2nd 4th nor 6th

    It could be a failed engine mount as well- the engine would be at an angle preventing the shift linkage to engage properly.
  3. What are your hobbies?

    Soccer and disc golf for sports. Also interested in music- both producing and bedroom-DJing. What I really miss is travelling. I used to take my cars on roadtrips to Europe- most I did was 7000km (4350miles) in 10 days. Lately I've been flying out and renting cars on the spot and then exploring...
  4. Where to buy Eibach Pro-Kit in Europe?

    I ordered my Pro-Kit from tunershop:
  5. No more Coupe!

    My previous car was a previous gen Renault Megane Coupe and Renault discontinued the coupe for the current gen Megane. The car I had before that was a 3-door Toyota Yaris and they killed that off as well. We've seen the Golf, Focus, Astra, Leon, 1-class and A-class 3-doors vanish at one time or...
  6. Hatchback w/ aftermarket rims (pics)

    MAK Wolf (black mirror) 19x8" ET40, on 235/35 tires Eibach Pro-kit
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    The whole kit came together yesterday and I gotta say, I love the OEM+ look of it. MAK Wolf (black mirror) 19x8" ET40, on 235/35 tires Eibach Pro-kit 25/20mm
  8. Base model 11th gen spied in Columbus, OH

    Could just be that the render is based on the Crider.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Got the Eibach Pro-kit springs installed. Here's how it sits on the OEM 17"s. Next up- bigger wheels!
  10. Wood interior trim

    Bit of a thread revival but here's the wood vinyl I stuck to my dash. The corners are a mess but I'll take some time to see how it grows on me before and if I redo it properly.
  11. Offset question

    8,5 ET30 would bring your wheels out by 1/1,5 cm more front/rear compared to what you've got now. That's probably a managabe difference.
  12. Offset question

    Offset is also measured in mm- the smaller the number the wider the track. So with the spacers your current setup is ET25 and ET20 with a wheel width of 7 inches. So in order to keep your track width with a wheel width of 9,5 inches you'd need ET55 wheels, which is... rare. You also need to...
  13. Hello fellow europeans!!

    Hello! Always nice to see some European Civics!
  14. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    Purchase price being just one variable in the whole equasion, you'll be hard pressed to find a more reliable car on that list than the Civic. There are just so many things about a used car that affect the need for maintenance that you really cannot make any reasonable predictions. That said...
  15. European Clear Sidemarkers will Crack ( Factory defect) Warranty Issue

    Good to know but little use as my Civic is already out of warranty. The side markers on mine started fogging up and moisture got inside. No visible cracks, but I guess the seal was the weak spot.
  16. Kazuo_WFC 2017 Civic Type R build

    So many great little details you've addressed with the mods. Not too subtle, but it's all tied together nicely. Good job!
  17. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    As the OEM sidemarkers started letting in moisture (possibly because I used too long LED bulbs for a while), I ordered these cheap Chinese sidemarkers and fitted them with some equally cheap Chinese LEDs. The result looks good enough for me, so I will be rocking these for a while. Also visited a...

    The Acura ILX is getting a bit long in the tooth (being based on the previous Civic gen 9), so it could be the new ILX, which would be related to the next Civic (which is bound for a replacement as well). I've noticed a trend with Type Rs that the engine-chassis develompment skips a generation...
  19. Civic Picture Game (Scavenger Hunt)

    HARD: Take a picture with your Civic in the parking lot of a sports stadium (stadium must be in the background). Difficult to get the stadium itself in the background, hope the entrance/sign is enough :)