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  1. Civic Type R Front Lip Install on a Hatchback or SI (in progress)

    Yeah, at this point in the game, with the abs dynamic lip available and rising cost of the oem lip, theres no point in doing this mod. Procivic also makes a good looking lip. For the record, i had the set up from thread on my car for 2 years and it was rock solid when i removed it. Just remember...
  2. Kid car seat: rear headrest getting so squished!

    Something i faced when i switched my son to forward facing. Unfortunately, it is what it is and yes, there will be a crease once you remove the belt.
  3. In California are smoked side markers with amber bulbs legal?

    I wonder if someone has gotten pulled over for these and then when the cop says its illegal, the driver responds with "but the members on civicx said they haven't gooten into trouble for it"
  4. In California are smoked side markers with amber bulbs legal?

    Ive driven a vehicle with expired tags for months and never had any issues. You see the problem with this mentality dont you?
  5. Bayson R /pro civic track style/ Type R lip ?

    Funny thing is, i canceled my order the same day. Im on the group buy preorder for you carbon fiber print lip they have going on
  6. I can't take this anymore...

    Saying everything i said before.
  7. Bayson R /pro civic track style/ Type R lip ?

    Ebay page just restocked. I placed an order on one today. Saved $60 on shipping
  8. Stripped screw on splash guard HELP

    Take a phillips head screwdriver and ise a hammer to give it a few tapes so that it indents the screw farther in. You should be able to screw it out easily after that
  9. Stimulus package purchase?!

    I was expecting some nonsense in this thread but some of these post are very intelligent and ive learned a thing or two... and then it turned into a political debate
  10. FS: bayson r and ikon

    LMK if you ever come to orange county. Id gladly take one of those off of you hands
  11. FS: bayson r and ikon

    Really good price. Too bad you so far away. Bump for you
  12. Gundam/Gunpla

    Not gunpla but i saw this beauty at my layover in Taipei.
  13. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    Thats correct
  14. CTR red emblems SOLD!

    Provide the link. Go ahead, ill wait. Im sure you also find a supreme bag for $30, an iphone 11 for $70 and a rolex for $100. GLWS OP
  15. Is it normal to feel a little air from the vents with the climate system set to the “feet” setting?

    The air only comes out of the driver side vent to the far left for me. I normally turn the wheel to close the vent
  16. In California are smoked side markers with amber bulbs legal?

    Please read the laws related to this instead of following the " i havent gotten in trouble for it yet so it must be okay rule." I will say that there needs to be a reflector near the front of the vehicle. If your smoke is running too, they may get you for the reflectors not being visible during...
  17. Top1 Motors bumper vents

    I remeber seeing a thread or two mentioning top1 and them not being responsive to emails and also long turn around times (2 months) like mentioned above. Also check out their yelp page
  18. Pro Car Studio front lip, did yours look like this?

    Not to defend them but this is normal for ans plastic parts especially lips. Heat it up with a heat gun or hair dryer and it should flex back into position or jist leave it out on a hot day
  19. Top1 Motors bumper vents

    Not to smear a company but search the search recent results for Top1. I have not personally purchased anything from this company but its safe to say thag i never wikl
  20. Morimoto HID trouble

    I have the same issue with auto lights. I manually turn on and off the headlights. One side still does not turn on sometimes if its really cold oitside