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  1. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Will this work with the Acuity Reverse Flow hoses?? people have seen some pretty good results with them
  2. Civic Type R: Master Coilover Guide

    So Im fairly new to tracking and looking to put actual track worthy coilovers on my 2019 R So far Top 3 in terms of trackability look like JRZ RS PRO 3s, HKS and Varis x Spirit look the best to me, I saw @ipeefreely has the JRZs and so did Stig, Im having trouble hunting those down on the...
  3. Driver Info System and Tach question

    This is lengthy question but in theory since the ECU can be jail broken and the honda headunit can be hacked Can I change the DIS RPM to a 9k limit? And the colors to blue (on and R)So if I get the crate engine I can actually see the RPMs go to 8500 has anyone done this? Has anyone tried?
  4. Hondata fuel kit for sell

    I really dont need it and shouldnt get it but if theyre sold out and you really want to sell it i mean.... IPMD you
  5. Gauging Interest: 27won Type R Exhaust

    How many miles on the exhaust? pics of it taken off the vehicle or is it still on?

    My boi they’ve massacred my boi... first impressions I don’t like it but we will see....
  7. PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development

    Any word on pricing and following release date?
  8. Best Oil Cooler?

    with as many options as there are would you have done it any differently? what would you use if you got to buy now rather then earlier?
  9. SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kit for the Type R

    @[email protected] @procivic alright guys im about to pull the trigger but I need to know the functional differences between this one and yalls and why youre the better option
  10. Spoonified Type R

    May i suggest the varis side skirts that picture is awful but you get it
  11. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    275 should run fine ive seen people run 285/35 as long as you arnt lowered 2" or more should be fine 265/35 is the optimal from what i understand
  12. What is your preferred downshift method?

    dosnt the car do it for you (I own an R)
  13. WTB: FK8 BMSpec Front Lip, etc.

    agred could always go top one though
  14. which engine oil do you guys using?

    I assume you mean 3qts right?
  15. which engine oil do you guys using?

    how much trans flluid do i need to buy for this?
  16. Dream time: Would the Type R be faster with an automatic?

    12K is the current going price from quaife
  17. Like New PRL Intercooler

    is this still for sale