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  1. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    I felt the same way, but came to the conclusion that a custom forged wheel would be the only way to get ET60. Besides that, I think a group buy for enkei could work with something like 20 sets, you could contact them, or Advan for that matter. I ended up getting 18X9 ET53 advan wheels and that...
  2. Jeff's build - for occasional light track use

    Looking forward to hearing how hot track days work out. Not as many people are running two oil coolers!
  3. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    I've put 27k miles on mine and still love it. Every mountain road and every onramp remind me of how good this car is. I have 18s on the car for some more sidewall. Funny, speed off the line and exhaust note have never even crossed my mind. FWD is fine for safe mountain blasts anyway. I have RWD...
  4. Type R Overheating at the Track

    I hope people keep posting until a solution (or collection of solutions) that satisfies most experienced drivers is found. Could be years, but I hope not.
  5. Type R Overheating at the Track

    My experience is that the more experienced (and faster) drivers get on the throttle earlier out of a corner and hold the throttle longer on the straight, braking later. Therefore, if you time how long they are full throttle over a lap, they will have higher numbers than a slower driver. This...
  6. Mishimoto Secondary Race Radiator Thread

    Awesome. As soon as you're able, please go and test this setup (your oil cooler and your radiator setup) at a local track. Take a video of a whole 20 minute session on a 90-100 F day with the oil and water temperature overlaid on the video. Then we can see your lap times along with the...
  7. Pros and Cons of the Type R

    On turbo lag I'll chime in as well. There is a lot less turbo lag and a lot more pull at lower rpms in my CTR compared to my old 2007 WRX. Night and day.
  8. Type R Overheating at the Track

    You are absolutely correct that there are lots of threads on this and that he'll probably still overheat. Maybe I've missed some posts, but where I was coming from is that despite lots of posts, I think only a few people have posted detailed data, such as, "it was 85 F outside, I run in the...
  9. Type R Overheating at the Track

    Please let us know how it goes when you can get back on track!
  10. ▀▄▀▄▀▄ NEW Batch Exclusive: VOLK TE37SL - 18x9.5 +45 w/ CONCAVE FACE!

    These are very cool wheels, a good buy for anyone wanting jdm in a great track size. They are just on the limit of the ET I'd buy (I wouldn't buy less than ET45 and I think the "aggressive" look for look's sake, is silly)
  11. Question about track setup for type R

    More on RE-71Rs: I have used 3 sets on track and find them to have better life and be more consistent performance over a session (they don't overheat) compared to MPSC2 (Michelin pilot sport cup 2). So they are definitely track tires. I know people doing 30 track days a year who find the same.
  12. Question about track setup for type R

    Just another data point: I can get 4+ track days on RE-71Rs in my GT4, but I have -2.8 f -2.4 r camber and the tires are wide.
  13. So who is using regular gas in these cars?

    1. Obviously it wasn't me, because I quoted your post. 2. Saying "language please" is a friendly jab and not being an "arbiter" Better luck next time on those powers of deduction and reading comprehension, respectively.
  14. Will I get torque steer changing wheel size?

    Short answer, yes, you'll get torque steer. Well, mathematically, if you change your ET by 1 mm, you'll get torque steer. It's just like saying if you spend one dollar, do you have less money in your bank account, well of course you do. The question is whether it's noticeable. I have ET53...
  15. So who is using regular gas in these cars?

    Language please... Anyway, within the polite suggestions above, people did answer the question by saying that you will get decreased performance with regular (87 or 89) gas. Do you want more details of exactly how much less power? Why don't you hook up a datalogger and record pulled timing...
  16. So who is using regular gas in these cars?

    The car wasn't designed for regular gas so you'll get less horsepower and the car will be less responsive. You could also get worse gas mileage, which would undo any cost savings. Please don't use regular gas in this car. Think about it this way: if you drive 10,000 miles a year, you're only...
  17. Question about track setup for type R

    Very cool, is there a link for this number?
  18. Just FYI: Honda Type R TC cooling

    Thanks for the info. I suspected they were on both sides, but someone told me that there was only one per car. It's too bad any of this info is hush hush. The street car was sold as a track day car (nurburgring times, setting fastest FWD laps on European tracks), but if it can't do a 20 minute...
  19. Question about track setup for type R

    That's cool. I'd love to hear more. I was under the impression that others have upgraded the radiator and still overheat.
  20. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Thanks for the info. I still wonder if there are other changes to the 2020 car to take best advantage of the new radiator because a larger aftermarket radiator alone wasn't enough to solve the overheating issues on track for 2017-19 cars. (other changes like a different water pump, ECU...