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  1. 2018 Civic Si Sedan Subwoofer Upgrade

    Yes I agree with the above, try changing the signal to the left or right speaker. Mine is also set to only turn on with the DC offset, so that it turns on when it receives power which is when the key ignition is on. Nice, yeah I was going to suggest checking up the wires also. And yup, the...
  2. California WTB/Trade - PRL Race MAF Conversion (Si Model)

    Looking to trade my Street MAF for anyone who has a Race MAF, either that or purchase one if anyone has one on hand they don't want anymore. Thanks!
  3. California FS - KTuner V1.2 (TSP 1 & 2)

    To each their own, still open to any offers or PM's regarding the item. I know it would be better to send pictures of the unlocked device but as I mentioned, I'm testing the waters so I'll only do so if I find a serious buyer. Thank you!
  4. California FS - KTuner V1.2 (TSP 1 & 2)

    All good, it's cause I was including both their tunes. Bringing it down to $400 OBO though.
  5. California FS - KTuner V1.2 (TSP 1 & 2)

    Just wanted to bump this Also wanted to note/open the floor to any offers available. I'll take any into consideration. Thank you!
  6. California FS - KTuner V1.2 (TSP 1 & 2)

    Oh sorry, for those concerned, I'm looking for $500 + Shipping as the TSP 1 + 2 is $200 alone. DM me if you have any questions or concerns!
  7. California FS - KTuner V1.2 (TSP 1 & 2)

    Oh shoot hahaha I didn't know that, good to know!
  8. California FS - KTuner V1.2 (TSP 1 & 2)

    Testing the waters on the forums to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing my KTuner V1.2 with both TSP 1 and TSP 2. It is still locked to my car, but want to see if anyone is seriously interested in purchasing it. Once that happens I'll just remain in contact with whoever wants to buy...
  9. Maintenance for Tuned, Built, FBO, etc?

    Hey everyone! So I wanted to ask everyone here, specifically those who are tuned, FBO, running ethanol, or built, what's your maintenance schedule like? And what do you like to use in your intervals? You see, I'm FBO with a 27WON turbo, and I'm getting my motor built soon. I would like to...
  10. Motor Swap Guide Request

    Anyone have access to a guide on how to swap the motors out in our cars? The Si to be specific. I might source a used motor to swap into my car and doing it myself could save me a lot of money.
  11. FS - FBO 2018 Civic Si (Testing Waters)

    Gotta admit, yes and yes hahaha
  12. FS - FBO 2018 Civic Si (Testing Waters)

    Yeah... And actually... Kind of but not really? The whole time I was just running a basemap tune from KTuner for the 27WON turbo.
  13. FS - FBO 2018 Civic Si (Testing Waters)

    Just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in taking my car off my hands. It's FBO including a 27WON Turbo upgrade and some transmission upgrades. Only issue is that the motor is knocking and either needs a swap, or a rebuild (I recommend the rebuild so it can hold the extra power...
  14. WTB L15B7 Motor

    Those aren't Si motors. Those are the regular turbo Civic motors. L15B7 for the Si but all the $500 ones are the L15BA motors. I don't know if you can use those in an Si and if it would run right because the L15BA has a couple different components along with a different compression ratio.
  15. WTB L15B7 Motor

    FBO on 27WON W2 turbo. Not custom tuned yet, only running their basemap.
  16. WTB L15B7 Motor

    It still turns on, I haven't blown the block up. But yes, I'm pretty sure at this point some rod bearings are out and probably a bent rod.
  17. WTB L15B7 Motor

    Wondering if anyone can help me source a decently priced L15B7 Si motor. Been trying to save up to get mine built but I want to see if I have any options to just swap a stock motor back in. Car has been out of commission since October, just want to get it back on the road.
  18. Engine Ticking?

    So I had a friend ask me the same thing. There are little teeth on the cylinder of the tensioner that should catch and hold the cylinder down much like a jackstand. However, there may have been a possibility that it sprung apart when I removed the pin. I'm honestly not too sure, but I did remove...
  19. Engine Ticking?

    Not insanely hard, but if you remove the access cover you'll have to scrape off and reapply some gasket maker/sealant. The right stuff to use it Hondabond, but some use Permatex Ultra Grey. I would personally get the Hondabond. You should be able to get some at the dealership. Really good stuff...
  20. Engine Ticking?

    Anyone following this, I THINK and I HOPE I figured it out. I replaced the engine oil and filter, removed the intake manifold and cleaned it, replaced spark plugs, and checked and adjusted the valves a bit. All to no progress. I finally think I narrowed it down by looking up videos of a similar...