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  1. What does your ID stand for? ;)
  2. What does your ID stand for?

    Do you only care about the answers of Si and R owners?
  3. How Bad is Your Black Paint?

    Not just CTRs but Hondas in general. I got mine coated as soon as I bought it :D
  4. 1 year/12k mile review of my '19 CTR

    @WindJunkie every time you post a picture of your car I wonder if I should've gone with red :D
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Is that the one you're looking at specifically? $34,998 is more than the 2017 MSRP for a brand new one ($34,775) and this has 23k miles on it. If you don't plan on ripping yourself off, my tip is to prepare for a nightmare :) From what I've heard on this forum, California's pretty much the...
  6. Looking for Tampa Honda shops.
  7. Saying goodbye to the Si

    Grats! (hopefully) Just so you know, they're just as bad in the R. EDIT: Unless you're referring to the HVAC controls, which are indeed better in any 2019+ Civic.
  8. 2022 Type R won't have hybrid tech...

    Can we please enforce the usaage of "rumor" or "speculation" in thread titles? The author doesn't know any more than we do, and someone's going to see this and start spouting it as a fact (just like when the Type R was getting AWD or a DCT)
  9. Your worst rental car?

    I've only ever rented a car twice. First one was a Kia Rio when I wanted an economy car, and the second one was a turbo-4 Camaro when they offered to give me a "sport" class car. With that said, the Camaro was the worst one.

    The Type S caught my eye too! I'm pretty attached to manual transmissions, but as a Honda fanboy I won't really have any options left after the CTR gets old. In fact, if I keep the CTR long enough, there probably won't be new cars with 6-speeds from any manufacturer by the time I trade it in. I...
  11. Seibon Carbon great company but this hurt!

    What a waste of a perfectly good hood! Could've been used as a replacement for another R owner or possibly a regular hatch owner if it fits. I haven't been in the car scene long enough to know if this is considered a cool/confident/whatever business move, but all it's done for me is convince me...
  12. Coupe phone mount?

    Hot tip: Phone mounts won't be any different between Civics.[title_only]=1&o=date
  13. What is your preferred downshift method?

    Excuse me while I go scream into a pillow :D (Edit: Don't mean to give you too much shit, OP. Glad you learned to do it!)
  14. What is your preferred downshift method?

    Are you saying there are people who downshift without rev matching?
  15. Why is there no Civic Hatchback / Civic Hatchback Sport section?

    I think @gtman has it covered in here, but I can't leave without highlighting these: LOL
  16. Why is there no Civic Hatchback / Civic Hatchback Sport section?

    It's already silly to have separate boards for Type R and Si (this is what thread tags are for...) and you want to fragment the community even more? What do hatch owners even have to talk about that sedan and coupe owners don't, other than having a hatch instead of a trunk?
  17. Sport Mode

    Please don't put words in my mouth :) Driving at higher rpm does inherently use more fuel, but the mode itself doesn't change how much fuel gets burned. 5k RPM is 5k RPM whether you're in eco or sport. I guess this is my fault for taking the question at face value. Another thing I wasn't...
  18. Sport Mode

    Sport/eco/whatever modes have no direct effect on fuel economy at all; they only encourage different styles of driving. You can get poor fuel economy in eco and good fuel economy in sport. None of the modes inherently causes the engine to use more or less fuel. That's actually the more fuel...
  19. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Wow! Where'd you get that?
  20. Cutting / opening up existing fake vents on front bumper?

    I wonder whether that's a fluke or they've improved. There's a pretty healthy amount of negative testimonies about that company.