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    If he’s looking for PNP He probably doesn’t care about performance. And my LEDs are twice as good as the stock halogens they came with. Light up everything and they scare animals away from the road which I consider to be the best part.

    If you go 35w pnp then just LEDs anyways. Hids are only useful in a retro kit. Pnp value LEDS will be higher
  3. Keyless Starter System Glitch? Car turning on by itself to accessory mode.

    Above the guy said the body control module was replaced under warrenty.
  4. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    no they wont! their are hundreds of ebay sellers already selling the same damn wing. its actually a massive downgrade.
  5. Why no love for the coupe

    That’s the point!
  6. Why no love for the coupe

    Just be like me and mod yours to look like one.
  7. Update: Type R Wing

    Anyone tried a wing on the coupe? Does it block the view?
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I can’t seem to find them but you can just remove your oem scuff it up, put some paint adhesion then spray paint it gloss black. I only did the overlay because I didn’t care to wrap them.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Yes they are carbon fiber look but you can get glossy overpays as well
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    First round complete
  11. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    If your really worried you can do what I did and rip the old pillars off and wrap them then glue them back on.
  12. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    What LEDs did you use? Bright as hell
  13. My new Si!

    Lunar silver is honestly the best color lol. I appreciate the front vents the most of the si and type r but instead of upgrading to a manual I’m doing a bumper conversion so I can get the feature I like without paying the trade loss.
  14. Tuning the 1.5T with a CVT?

    Kruger to the RESCUE!
  15. Extended warranty for 2016-2018 Turbo/drivetrain due to oil dillution?

    Lol yet I still see a shit ton of new Honda’s being bought. The majority of Honda owners have no clue or don’t care. Remember a lot of Honda owners are older generation looking for a high mpg car. If it shits in ten years? Oh well. They just buy a new one.
  16. Cargo Box Roof Racks

    Is the roof supported for that kind of weight? There’s a reason roof racks arnt standard on sedans
  17. Could this be the Lanewatch of the future?

    Absolutely not. While it do appreciate not having to worry about mirrors getting ripped off, it’s just too much of a change for the general population
  18. Side effects of owning an R might include...

    My girlfriend wanted her cat in my new civic coupe and I was flat out “nope”. Sorry I’m not gonna hear riiiiiip as it enjoys my leather
  19. Rental for recall work.

    Update: I called another dealership and they agreed to give me a loaner! So if they refuse to give a loaner just call another dealer and explain the situation. They should try to work with you. Btw I got the 2019 hybrid insight and I loved it! Accord body with interior but hybrid engine. It was...