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  1. Civic Si in GS

    And one more congrats, to @Banannie, Women's Challenge winner at Packwood Pro!
  2. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    Congrats to @Speed9117 on his DS win at the Packwood NT!
  3. Civic Si in GS

    Great battle, Bristol folks!
  4. Civic Si in GS

    I tend to like things loose but this was my experience as well -- it took ridiculous pressures and toe to get the car moving in a way that felt right but it wound up being faster when tightened down. Running toe-out but only a tiny bit of stagger on pressures right now.
  5. Civic Si in GS

    Wow, whole buncha CIvics signed up already and Nats reg just opened.
  6. Civic Si in GS

    Mine has.
  7. Autocross Video Sharing!

    ^ Great work, and great to cross paths at last!
  8. Civic Si in GS

    Hey, we got our own Pro Solo class again!
  9. Civic Sport Hatch Autox in HS?

    Hungry I think everybody on this board has used a 245 or 255 on an 8 inch wheel.
  10. Si Coupe Seat Height

    6-1 and it's a bit of a chore. Workable for 60 seconds at a time for sure but I'm not sure I'd want to do a 15 min track session.
  11. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    Peter, I did the morning group on Saturday -- sorry I missed you. It was maybe 38 or 40 degrees when we ran, and that sealant was spankin'-new. Scary! But it doesn't seem that surprising that an Si would be close -- not much room for power.
  12. Civic Si in GS

    I brake so hard and with so little pedal control that I actually prefer the Si! I suck.
  13. Civic Si in GS

    Shipped the Miata down to Georgia. You bringing CTR or CSi?
  14. Civic Si in GS

    Probably will run the ND until I get tired of getting the shit kicked out of me.
  15. Civic Si in GS

    I'm back in an SI now. Not really a geek for Pros but I love having that big head start!
  16. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    Any damage you do isn't from loose talk on forums. It's being atop pax in a competitive region where RR isn't used to seeing you there. (In the past I've gotten emails from him asking about conditions, sites, etc., when the results were anomalous.)
  17. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    I don't LFB and also encountered, so close does seem to count.
  18. Civic Si in GS

    @redfred Stiffer setting, BFGs, October temps? Yes :)
  19. Civic Si in GS

    ^ This is pretty much the recipe. Adjustable bar and tire pressures are easier to deal with than an aggressive rear alignment. I routinely add a little toe-out up front on every car, but it's more habit than result of actual testing.
  20. Civic Si in GS

    Final drive was 4.10 for 2019, 4.35 for 2020. Perhaps I am figuring it wrong but info here.