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  1. HPDE Harness?

    Thanks for this thread. It was super helpful for me. But warning to those trying to get this through I have TWICE been sent the wrong color. I am not going to give them a 3rd chance.
  2. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    Got a full set with tires for 1400. and that price was not out of the ordinary either.
  3. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    But those are more expensive than the stock wheels. Especially with so many stock wheels floating around used.
  4. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    The lack of 60 offset wheels has kept me from purchasing any wheels from the aftermarket. I bought a second set of the stock wheels instead. Again, maybe there isn't a market, but I can only share my personal decision.
  5. Anyone else need new tires so soon?

    My original stock contis just won't die. 2 years, 20k miles, and 11 autocross events. still have a tiny bit of tread on them. I might actually replace them with the same. Been pretty happy with them.
  6. Something positive - I love this car and its 3 personalities!

    I'm in sport mode 80% of the time. Its good for normal driving with the occasional spirited pull or corner. 5% comfort mode. Only for when I've got passengers in the car who don't really care about performance. 15% +R mode. For autocross or when I'm driving aggressively on the back roads.
  7. What does your ID stand for?

    FifStreet... So I used to play poker with a group of friends back when no-limit holdem was gaining popularity. I tended to make my hand on the last card, the river (also known as 5th street). It wasn't meant as a compliment. More like I was just lucky. So they started calling me Fifth...
  8. An awesome Trunk mat Alternative - ToughPRO Cargo Mat

    Exactly. I have a Husky brand tray for mine and it doesn't fit perfectly because its a one size fits all hatches. It annoys me. Maybe I should have just bought the Honda one specific for the type R
  9. How much have you spent so far on your CTR?

    $1800 wheels and tires $300 4 point harness $130 PRL intake ~$250 exterior appearance items (garnish, hood scoop, etc.) ~$250 interior appearance items (floor mats, etc.) 260 subwooofer upgrade $3000 total.
  10. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    Hypothetical question... You know its going to rain for the upcoming autocross event. Heavy downpours. You have 2 sets of tires available, worn down to the tread indicators stock contis or a full tread life set of 255/30R20 all season tires. Which do you run? Yes I know... Buy real...
  11. OEM Hatch Liner (not tray) installed in Type R

    How difficult is it to get the seats to fold down?
  12. An awesome Trunk mat Alternative - ToughPRO Cargo Mat

    The hatchback models that do not have the premium sound system do not have a subwoofer and therefore have a different footprint.
  13. An awesome Trunk mat Alternative - ToughPRO Cargo Mat

    What about the bump out for the subwoofer enclosure?
  14. An awesome Trunk mat Alternative - ToughPRO Cargo Mat

    I don't see cut outs for the tie downs? Are they marked?
  15. I'm thinking my Type-R is a POS

    Regarding the sound system... I was also disappointed with it. Replacing the stock sub with an aftermarket one plus an amp cured that. There's plenty of info out there to do this yourself if you are willing.
  16. small metallic sound

    Is this after running the car hard?
  17. 2019 cw type r annoying a/c issue?

    Are you using the automatic climate control?
  18. Due to forced Work at Home until 3/21 - thinking of selling my Type-R

    WFH has actually made me feel better about purchasing a CTR. It was a borderline impractical purchase to begin with; 60 miles per day commute, living in an area with HARSH winters and parking it in an open lot. Now I can drive it when I want to. ..and have I made excuses to just go for a...
  19. Curled weather stripping

    Anybody have this happen? The weather stripping on the outside of the C-pillar is curling up. Its exactly the same on both sides of the car. Is there an easy fix? Will the dealer do anything about it?
  20. Did Honda slip heated side mirrors into the 2020 Type R and forget to tell anyone?

    I don't compare cars sold in other markets when I make a decision to buy a car. There are lots of variables. Laws and regulations. Transportation costs. Exchange rates. customer desires. To me Its not worth getting all worked up over things like heated mirrors. Maybe its just me but, I...