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  1. Ceramic coating- worth it?

    Actual ceramic coatings are worth it to increase the durability of your paint and finish and to make the paint even "wetter" looking than otherwise. Most of the cost is the time to properly prepare the car for the coating. This means, clean, mechanical and chemical decontamination, final paint...
  2. Back pain from the Civic's seats?

    Between that and me finally losing some weight, I have been very comfortable for the last 2 years in mine. MAYBE it could use a little bit of lumbar but I had it on an 800 mile round trip just before Christmas and had no issues.
  3. I will never buy a HONDA again!

    You can get right to the plant name with the lead several characters from your VIN. But remember that these are final assembly plants. Not necessarily where the engines or transmissions are assembled.
  4. Dealership fishing for early re-buy?

    Oh I don't REALLY care and don't NEED a car. The whole point was just to find out if anyone had insight or knowledge as to where the push was coming from. Being from the US, you won't realize that making these kinds of moves are actually rather rare in Canada for one massive and giant...
  5. Dealership fishing for early re-buy?

    Ya, my issue was we got 1.99% for 7 years and a good deal on price for the time. So there is too much underwater action on the trade-in vs owing. Not really a good deal unless we were a one car family and we aren't. I have a 2010 CRV that I expect to last a while longer but want to be ready...
  6. Dealership fishing for early re-buy?

    Just wondering if anyone in Canada is getting contacted by their dealership for early trade-in with all kinds of sparkly incentives... I still have 3 months till I hit 3 years of payments but my dealership reached out offering "top dollar" trade-in, dealer employee pricing and then the two...

    Pretty sure I would fight that one. But to your point, for sure, at the least, never get another Civic or even Honda if that is how your local dealer is going to treat you. The automobile ownership experience is a total package thing so if the service and warranty experience is a royal pain...
  8. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    Except the price is so close that getting the KTuner is the better overall value. But I get it if someone wants a less invasive option.
  9. A/C system noise/whistling - lets sum all the information pals

    On our cars, it is far more likely the suction hose as when I had mine replaced with the updated part, the problem went away and has stayed away for now well over a year.
  10. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    Ya, that part, I completely sympathise with. When I first started the adventure into getting my issue figured out, it was not what I wanted to hear when service was telling me to replace the cabin air filters first... It was money out of my pocket but certainly not $180.
  11. **RECALL FIX - Capless Fuel System**

    Interesting. Not sure what to say then.
  12. **RECALL FIX - Capless Fuel System**

    Are you waiting the prescribed 5 seconds before taking the nozzle out of the filler hole? You can't just rip out like an old school car or you will have issues. This is not a defect but a characteristic of these capless filler systems. You also have to make sure you have it down the hole...
  13. Improve Suspension for Highway Driving

    I am strongly considering 17" rims when it is time to get new "all seasons" for the first time (on this car) and then move the factory 16" aluminums over to be for the winters and then sell the steel rims.
  14. AC not blowing cold air already?

    You better have bought R1234YF or you are going to be one upset dude... Also, the diagnostics is stupid. They should be able to inspect for the visual defects on the surface of the condenser that are even mentioned in the recall.
  15. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    Could be that your car actually got one of the not munged ones. You do have a 2018 and it could have been assembled after they realized they had a batch of defective condensers. Also, something to keep in mind is Honda and Toyota, more than most, use two suppliers (or more depending) on most...
  16. Improve Suspension for Highway Driving

    I think 17" with the Continental DWS-06 would make for the overall best compromise of handling, comfort and noise. The reviews on the DWS-06 indicate that they have a more compliant sidewall without giving up handling and responsiveness. The overall review of them being that they are close to...
  17. The End of The CTR?

    There is already a battery, hybrid and hybrid plugin Civic but they don't call them that. They call them the Insight and Clarity. The current Honda hybrid system is an all electric setup with a real diff in the rear still. Most people don't know and many automotive press still get it really...
  18. Improve Suspension for Highway Driving

    I have that from the stock setup on my EX Sedan and have driven from New Brunswick (Canada) to Boston and not had any complaints. The taller sidewall likely helps a great deal. So this is where my vote goes for those longer runs when you want a little more compliance.
  19. SLOW Head unit

    The two things that suck for how Honda and most others deal with infotainment is that it is engineered to value and nothing more and that there is still a lack of understanding that constant updates are the reality of the future (Tesla). The first Honda product to even get OTA updates is the...