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  1. FS: Raceseng Apex-R shift knob | like new | Bay Area

    Thanks all! WIll be trying eBay this weekend, haha.
  2. FS: Raceseng Apex-R shift knob | like new | Bay Area

    60?? Guess I'll try eBay, haha.
  3. NorCal Performance shops?

    I went to Speed Element in the past for my Subarus, great shop. The owner also has a Type R in his stable, so he knows his stuff. +1 for them. Located in San Jose.
  4. Best dealership to go to for maintainence in the bay area?

    Anyone familiar with Ocean Honda in Burlingame? I live in the area, and it would be really convenient for me, haha
  5. How much have you spent so far on your CTR?

    Rubber floor mats, engine bay covers, a shift knob, tint, ceramic coat... not THAT much? Once I go wheels/exhaust oof that'll be big money
  6. FS: Raceseng Apex-R shift knob | like new | Bay Area

    Hello friends, Bought this sick Apex-R Raceseng shift knob, but I have a 2020 CTR with the new shift boot ring, and when I installed it the other day, I ran into an issue with the knob being countersunk. I couldn't return it to Raceseng because I did install it (even if just once), and so here...
  7. Why is the Type-R so slow?

    I recently had a ~400 hq 135is, Dinan Stage 2 tune. It was fast *to me*. Type R does not feel slow at all whatsoever.
  8. Daily driving the CTR/RPM question

    Eventually you'll discover a fine balance between peeling out at each light vs. smoother, slower starts to maximize gas mileage. Of course, have fun, I know I do, but at times slow and steady just works. Revving hard won't hurt it, unless you're flooring it and dumping the clutch at EACH...
  9. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Awesome. Thanks for responding! Time for me to go buy a leather wheel
  10. Passenger side front Tweeter / driver buzzing

    Bringing this back from the dead, my 2020 has this problem on the passenger side tweeter. Had my wife press it down during drives and the sound goes away. I just took it off and taped the shit out of it following doctorbee's helpful YT video. The sound was coming on rough highways, causing me...
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I just got the ZL1 guards too! You didn't install the rears?
  12. Acura Type S Compact coming 2022...

    If they would release one with a stick..... oooooh boy.
  13. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    I'll throw in the 135is, a car I used to have fairly recently. 320hp/tq stock, easily up to almost 400 with the Dinan Stage 2 tune. Not the same as the other stuff on your list, but a sleeper. In the time I owned it (2.5 years), it was super reliable and just required normal maintenance.
  14. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Hi, sorry if this was answered, but it looks like you have a 2018 CTR. Were you able to find confirmation that the 2020 steering wheel fits your car, and thus vice versa?
  15. How many Type R has been build??

    I read that the number on the plate in our cars is global, not just US.
  16. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    I was fortunate enough to drive my friends 2019 CTR, which led me to wanting it. It is definitely very hard to buy a car without driving it, and so I can see potential disappointments. Luckily for me, I was able to buy mine with knowing how it performed on the street and in the back roads.
  17. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    Hmm, good info. I was briefly shopping for a 370z before my CTR, but ended up going CTR for a multitude of reasons. From research online, the 370z just doesn't seem like.. a good car.
  18. Rarity!!

    I know I bought the wrong car to feel invisible in (I came from a hybrid SUV lmao), but seeing more Type-R's on the road wouldn't hurt. Maybe could hurt future depreciation, but I wouldn't mind being left largely alone and stuff haha
  19. Any known California dealers who will sell CTR for MSRP?

    I paid 1.5 on top for mine (Bay Area). Was the best I could find anywhere near me without having to go out of state (which I maybe should have done?)