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  1. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    Looking forward to seeing the result for consideration. I'm not looking for high boost application. 1.5 bar would be the highest turbo pressure I'm targeting. If all good, I'm going to PM you for the quote. :)
  2. Texas 2020 Civic Si OEM turbo

    International shipping from Texas between USD 150 - USD 200, using DHL.
  3. Texas 2020 Civic Si OEM turbo

    How much are you offering? Are you willing to ship internationally?
  4. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    This will be challenging though. Been checking well known junkyard in my city & remote areas near to my city & none have it in stock. Hoping someone sell used SI turbo for cheap in good condition in ebay & willing to ship internationally.
  5. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    I'm getting more interested in SI/CR-V turbo swap. I spend 90% of my driving time in horrible stop and go traffic so maintaining a stock low-end is important for me. If I read the plot correctly, that was +32 WHP vs. 1.5T stock turbo at the same calibration/tune? Hopefully, I can find one in...
  6. KTuner initial Custom Tune on Hybrid Turbo

    Yes. I'm sure the turbo is assembled by third party. Agree about the stock tip. It appears that the stock tip works well with the turbo upgrade. Hopefully, you can share a bit about your race MAF development. :) Intercooler helps air charge temperature. Cold air charge temperature could...
  7. KTuner initial Custom Tune on Hybrid Turbo

    Interesting. I received some info about turbocharger built by Pentagon. They have both the TD03 upgrade & ball bearing one. I’m currently collecting information about alternative turbocharger options. if I join club run more frequently, I may need to make some upgrades. I still can keep up...
  8. KTuner initial Custom Tune on Hybrid Turbo

    +18.3 PS increased in power and +49 NM increased in torque at the wheels is a solid result! Are you using the race MAF that you are currently developing? I wonder how durable a custom turbocharger compare to durability of turbocharger manufactured by well-known company such as Garret, MHI...
  9. CVT Modification Megathread

    CVT or ATF cooler might be only useful in the following conditions: Towing Traffic at inclined roads (flyover, hills, etc.).
  10. Si Stock Boot Pressure for real or misleading advertising?

    Honda advertised peak boost of the hatch 1.5T at 16 PSI and the highest I recorded in my datalog is around 14. WIth the way the engine work, I think Honda advertise max boost recorded in the ideal test environment at Honda facility. I don't know how Honda set up their testing environment but...
  11. CVT Torque Table Vs. Dyno Test Result Formula - Flashpro Manager v. 3.5.0

    I don't have L mode either. I only have D and S. I never experienced jerkiness when in S mode. It was only in D mode when I kick down I felt a bit lag but no jerkiness.
  12. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Sexy delta number is the most important and +22 WHP is sexy!
  13. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    There is a result here: MHI 10th Gen Honda Civic Si Bolt On Turbo Upgrade. I think there is still room to improve though. Looking at the dyno plot, tuner seems to lower torque from 5500 to 6000 RPM. I think the tuner should adjust the low end torque and maximize torque post 3500 RPM.
  14. What are your hobbies?

    Playing basketball, watching basketball game, singing in a rock band, running, and travelling.
  15. CVT Torque Table Vs. Dyno Test Result Formula - Flashpro Manager v. 3.5.0

    This is the best picture I have. Sorry, I no longer have the engineering drawing.
  16. Hondata Custom Tunes for CVT FK7??

    This is generic E-Tunez auto reply. I don't think E-Tunez can open your calibration because I believe DRob lock the calibration if you expect E-Tunez re-calibrate DRob calibration.
  17. Hondata Custom Tunes for CVT FK7??

    I'm not too sure. The only bolt on installed on my car is catless DP and everything is stock. I don't know if they have experience with drop in turbo such as W1. You may ask them before considering custom tune with E-Tunez. I don't ask them because I am indecisive on turbo upgrade.
  18. Hondata Custom Tunes for CVT FK7??

    It was e-tune. Steve from E-Tunez did the custom tuning. I chose E-Tunez because they don't lock the calibration and they are great to work with. I provided my tune as basemap to customize instead of OTS or tuner basemap. I use dyno to measure improvement and further check on knock using...
  19. Hondata Custom Tunes for CVT FK7??

    There is a conversation about this in Civic X forum with dyno plots for your reference: Power Metrics & Limitations for 1.5L Turbo (Non Si models)
  20. Hondata Custom Tunes for CVT FK7??

    Boost is not everything for power. That's just my tuning strategy I communicated to my custom tuner. In fact, my car generated more power (24 BHP higher) than 21 PSI KTuner OTS tune. Same dyno same workshop.