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  1. Cabin Air Filter DIY

    Wow, very dirty. I'm at 15k now I feel I need to go look and replace.
  2. A/C Compressor Replacement and Honda Care extended warranty

    Apparently not as mine (2019) has had the same issue. Not that big a deal for me as my car is a lease but it turns me off from buying it when the lease is up.
  3. A/C Compressor Replacement and Honda Care extended warranty

    I have a 2019 and I think it's the same old parts as mine has under 15k miles and also failed.
  4. Spray Bottles

    Some are bad. I always save a few bottles from cleaners that I use around the house. I just clean them out good before I use them. Always good to have a couple extras kicking around.
  5. Does cruise control suck?

    Brings speed up or down about 1 mph I have followed a car right off the interstate, up the ramp to a red light and stopped without ever touching the gas or brake.
  6. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    I agree totally! BMW's are so fun to drive. I've had 3-3 series 2 doors and 2- 1 series. The 1's were awesome and fun to drive. Still wish I had one.
  7. Air conditioning condenser issue is real

    On my 16 3 years ago they said they found a small hairline crack in that same tube. ( condenser was also replaced in my 19)
  8. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    I say yes. My dealer was supposed to call me when the part came in but never did. I stopped in and the part was there.
  9. A/C Compressor Replacement and Honda Care extended warranty

    I was actually expecting the problem when I got the car a year and a half ago it's so widespread.
  10. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    Interesting. I'm up here in N.H. and my condenser came in less than a week after ordering. Repair was made 2 weeks ago.
  11. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    Don't know if you run your car in ECNO mode but if you do the compressor will not run all the time and it will blow random. Turn it off and the compressor is always engaged. If it's super hot out it's hard for it to keep up in Ecno mode.

    Yes, but so it seems they kept using the same junk parts for 3-4 years. I had a 16 that failed and now I have a 19 that was fixed for the same problem a week ago.
  13. Hard water problems

    Is it hard water or iron in the water? There is a difference. Iron is the worst of the two. It leaves rust spots. I'm on a well and have tons of iron in my water. I just got a new filter system about a year to replace my old worn out filter system. You can get water tests done for free. A...
  14. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    I would think if they put a new condenser in, recharged the system and you went back in say 4 months they would be able to tell if some refrigerant has leaked out? That's what I would ask anyways. Needless to say the compressor could crap out a few months after the warranty expires also. Pretty...
  15. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    Well if it were me I would have the condenser replaced for free anyways. No harm with that. Like you I lease my cars but I will not buy my car at the end of the lease simply because of the AC issue. Sad thing because otherwise I like the car.
  16. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    You should be good to 100K
  17. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    Had a 2016 and now a 2019. Both were under warranty with less than 15k on them. Both repaired no cost.
  18. Touchless Car Wash

    Personally from what I've seen in my area I wouldn't spend a nickel on a car wash. Recycled water, poor quality detergents that strip the wax off and leave a dirty film. Tell me that the recycled water doesn't have salt in it in the winter months spraying it back into all the little areas that...