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  1. Current owners: so who's upgrading?

    I won’t be “upgrading”, but finally will buy one. Here’s looking at you limited edition... nostalgia buy from my PY ITR. It’s either that or an M2CS. Can’t help but love these limited run overhyped cars.
  2. Do any of you long time "Honda Vtec" lovers miss the old screamer engines?

    Hence my handle. B18c5 will always be a classic. What I don’t miss is parking my car somewhere and praying it’s still there afterwards.
  3. From RS To Type R

    Nice little review! I was hunting (4+months) for a CTR to replace my RS but was unwilling to pay more than MSRP and ended up with a different car. I agree with you the RS having varying driving dynamics, but also felt that the AWD system was unpredictable at times in how much power the car...
  4. Evo magazine review, R takes the win

    Just to be clear, the track was wet pretty much the entire time. And, Evo had gripes with the inability to buy the GT3 compared to the ready availability to the CTR. Quibbles not over outright performance... Regardless, another notch on the CTR belt to be proud of.
  5. From RS To Type R

    Nice! I’d be interested in hearing more about the comparison
  6. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    Have you driven one or are you just quoting what you’ve read? There’s not much to “get” if you’re just quoting things.
  7. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    I think this is right. The aero on the CTR (which the M2 doesn’t really have) probably gives the CTR the advantage on those high speed stretches and long sweeping turns.
  8. Interesting Experience This Week

    Honda gear boxes are direct, smooth and almost feel gated at the same time. They’re easy. BMW’s are a bit vague and sloppy (driven e30 m3, e46 m3, m4, f87 m2, the latter being the best). Honestly, the “worst” gear boxes against the RS, Evo, ITR (the best I’ve driven), Si’s I’ve had. Low...
  9. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    No need to really defend the CTR, it’s an awesome car that will continue to shame cars many times its value. Also, having owned an RS, the CTR is the superior car and you made the right choice. The head gasket issue (such a pain in the ass to fix with American ford mechanics trying to fix a...
  10. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    It’s not bait, bud. I have YET to put down the CTR. You’re still bent out of shape, and yet so blinded that you cannot concede the positives to other drive-trains or cars. Not just the M2. The CTR is amazing. And, for the record once again, I like the way it looks and I’d drive one. Period...
  11. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    It’s okay to bow out. You are dense because you still didn’t read my post. Don’t get butt hurt about being called dense. Not even an insult, just an observation bud. Edit/Sidenote: I had to look because I remember seeing some flagrant posts from you in the past. Pot calling kettle black, but...
  12. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    I’d drive one. I’m not salty, really, at all. You didn’t read my post (re I like FWD. I like the CTR, I think it’s fantastic). I’m not dissing your car. I’m happy with my purchase. Your happy with yours. I don’t care about the ‘Ring time. What I do care about is how much weight YOU specifically...
  13. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    A non-owner, yes. But, a car enthusiast no less. A Honda apologist myself who will always believe the ITR was the last and best NA FWD car. Agreed. However, having tracked RWD, AWD, and FWD platforms, the FWD platform is by far the most forgiving and easiest to drive “fast”. Truly confidence...
  14. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    And if it were the opposite, I’d say you wouldn’t be as critical about their methods. From Jalopnik. “Honda set the lap time with what they call a “pre-production model that was technically representative of production specification.” A floating roll cage was added for safety reasons, but Honda...
  15. C&D - Lightning lap 2018 : Civic Type R (With Video)

    Same time as the Focus RS. I was almost positive it’d be faster.
  16. All your cars picture thread

    Lambo must be 1/4 of the price of that house... Edit- I stand corrected, you live in San Ramon. Probably 15% of your house. And wtf do you do? I’m in the wrong profession
  17. Post Dyno results and mods list

    Some nice power out of these cars!
  18. How old are all you CTR owners?

    I need to show my wife this post.
  19. How can Hyundai get it so right, and Honda so wrong?

    What’s wrong with 6 cylinders? RB26DETT, 2JZ, any Porsche Flat 6
  20. How can Hyundai get it so right, and Honda so wrong?

    You should drive one. And, it’s not that loud.