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  1. Sunday Morning Questions [easy ones]

    1. You'll get false tire pressure warnings from time to time. Check and reset up to 3 times for it to go away for good (assuming the actual pressures are good). Seems to happen if there are large temperature swings too. I carry a pressure gauge in the glovebox because of all these false...
  2. Mugen LED Tail Lights

    Yep, you can see DEPO in the mold on the backside of the tail light. Also had moisture issues in mine too (something that the OEM never did even though it's considered normal), but now that it's summer in socal i havent seen it since. Waiting for the winter to come back around to see if it...
  3. Infotainment Crashing

    been a while since mine crashed but i think it hard froze requiring a restart twice in my car's lifetime. Havent had the same behavior since, but I also did have a grounding issue a while back that I resolved myself that wreaked havoc on my electrical system. other times Android Auto acts up i...
  4. Questionable Spoon Valve cover

    Spoon came to the realization that people could just take an OEM cover to a paint shop for cheaper prob and no one would be the wiser lol. Better attach a serial number!
  5. Questionable Spoon Valve cover

    Buying repainted OEM stuff isnt my style but i'd be so disillusioned with spoon if a $400+ plastic valve cover wasnt perfect.
  6. 2019 cw type r annoying a/c issue?

    In my experience this seems to have trickled down from my old 3G Acura TL. At least in Auto (i rarely ever turn on A/C without auto) the fan will adjust speed depending on your orientation to the sun. If you are driving facing the Sun, it will increase the air flow to compensate. If you make a...
  7. Paint deformation near front door upper seal.

    While you're there, if you have that black rubber window trim/weather corner seal curled up in the rear quarter panel where the quarter meets the door, get that replaced too. 2019s got an updated piece. You'll know what i'm talking about if it's an issue. edit: i'll just post a pic. This is the...
  8. Paint deformation near front door upper seal.

    mine was replaced under warranty.
  9. Oil type

    Yea to answer your question, it is showing what it will need at the next oil change, not what was already done.
  10. Due to forced Work at Home until 3/21 - thinking of selling my Type-R

    depending on what happens in the next few months I might also be in the market for a house. At that point i'll question keeping the CTR as well. The situation is fluid.
  11. Due to forced Work at Home until 3/21 - thinking of selling my Type-R

    Do you enjoy it as a "fun" car? If it's merely a tool to commute yea then get rid of it. Any car you buy will have the same issue of sitting in the garage now that you can work from home full time. The question is do you enjoy driving enough to let a fun car sit and make payments on it?
  12. End of Civic Si and Coupe for 10th gen

    IMO TLX Type S is the next big thing, then the next gen Type R following it. As much as the minority liked the coupe body style, not enough were sold. Same reason why Ford axed everything but trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Dont blame Honda blame the market.
  13. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    The hatchback high mount light doesnt use a single bulb its a LED array. The module also has 16 different flash modes and is adjustable.
  14. First CTR Limited Edition on Track in Germany

    They're already probably trying.
  15. Oil change gone bad on 2020 CTR

    Left arm on the lift looks lower than the right, so I guess hydraulic failure? I thought there were mechanical locking mechanisms that engage as the lift rises too? Dunno much about lifts.
  16. Not a good first day

    looks like a pothole hit, since the sidewall doesnt look scraped.
  17. 2020 Software update

    I wish they released an update to patch the crappy ACC speed adjustment in 2017-2019 models.
  18. Has anyone made these seats more comfortable for long duration trips?

    i see adjustments for forward, back up and down but what about seat back tilt? I find a lot of people actually drive "leaned back" more than i personally drive, and tilting it upright reduces my need to lean forward, improves my posture, and brings things into reach. It's an easy way to get...
  19. Front Left Steering Knuckle

    broken ball joint? Either way should be covered under factory 3yr/36k mile warranty or extended warranty.
  20. Question regarding warranty claims

    the rear quarter window trim/weather seal was curling up and got it replaced with the updated part. Service advisor initially seemed to wave it off saying "all of them do that" but took it in. Also had my drivers seat frame replaced when it wouldnt lower with weight in the seat.