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  1. Electric Brake switch JAMMED !!!

    OK, it happened again today !! Switch was stuck, and the Electric Brake error message was showing. Ended up being a "1 cent coin" stuck down in tray opening beside the switch !! Not the place to store anything, especially loose change !!! MAJOR RELIEF -- was dreading a visit to the Stealer !!
  2. How do you all clean/ dust the instrument cluster plastic?

    The Good news: The cost of a complete replacement Transparent part of the Instrument cluster is not that high -- approx $35 The Bad News: Total PITA to swap out yourself, and a small fortune if the Dealer does it .
  3. Coronavirus...

    A question in a Slightly different direction -- ref Cononavirus and cleaning your Civic. What are the best products to clean the inside surfaces, and touched outside surfaces of your Honda.? Items like Steering wheels & gear knobs are an obvious target to keep clean, but what can be used...
  4. Honda hack questions

    "OK Google, drive me home from the Pub - ( even you can drive better than I can at the moment)"
  5. New 2020/2021 SI or Used 2019 Type R - Decisions Decisions

    Assuming Money is not an issue, the next thing to consider might be voiding of warranty by excessive mods. If you get the R, and then do not feel the need to Mod it for some time, you can hope that you are covered by warranty, should anything go wrong in the 1st few years. ie Think twice...
  6. If you could change one thing about your Si what would it be?

    Another 1 or 2 inches of front headroom would be welcome.
  7. A new - better Direct TPMS system

    11.9 Grams = 0.42 oz Minimum balancing weight is 0.25 Oz, and I doubt if most wheel are balanced to an accuracy of 0.25 oz !!! 0.5 Oz if you are luckly ( you can probably get a finer resolution with weight tape) But I very much doubt if removing the existing valve cap, and replacing...
  8. Change my own oil or go into dealership?

    There you have it -- The definitive reason why your should not consider letting the Dealers do this type of work -- 100% agree
  9. Keyless Entry Beep - no longer beeps

    If you LOCK the car with the Fob ( and it does not beep or Flash the headlights), peer in at the Instrument panel, and see if the Red "Intruder alarm armed" light is on. I believe you will find it is NOT on, which is why you are not getting the Beep and headlight flash (or the walk away...
  10. bluetooth call quality vs. year and phone type?

    No, it's caused by Tinting -- they use too much water when applying the Tint, and many of the car components get wet, and are underwater. (I'll follow you out :bump: )
  11. bluetooth call quality vs. year and phone type?

    So what is causing the poor Bluetooth audio , if it's not Codec Incompatibility, and additional re-coding of the audio between units ? Maybe, with your Software Engineering experience, you might be the one to identify what is causing the issue, and suggest a solution. ?
  12. Electronics problems

    The lack of Headlight Flash & Horn Beep is an indication that the security system is not activating - most likely from a door, hood or truck closed switch not making. I assume when you open a door, you get a door open warning, same with the trunk, so it is neither of those. Which only...
  13. Car Wash Warning!!!

    NO Car wash !! hand wash only, or you WILL get Car wash swirl marks in your clear coat. Hand car washing is therapeutic, very satisfying, you don't get the paint damaged, and it is a good time to go over the car's surfaces in detail, to find any areas that have got damaged, especially by...
  14. Infotainment CPU usage at idle and sound quality

    One option that comes to mind, that few are talking abo You would also loose compatibility with the older Ipods ( Like the 6 Gen Ipod) if you update the OS -- and that would be a total disaster !! :hide:
  15. bluetooth call quality vs. year and phone type?

    Bluetooth Audio quality in GenX Honda "may" be very dependent on the Codec & Bluetooth versions being used both by the Honda (old design) head unit, and your Smartphone ( latest and greatest, or model from years ago). Just because you have a nice new current Phone (Android or Iphone)...
  16. Finally joined the club

    check out Some other Car Insurance companies have similar programs, to save up to 40%
  17. Finally joined the club

    No, the EVALUATION lasts about 3 months, and after that there is no more monitoring. It gets better .. at least with Nationawide's "Smart Ride" You can either get a device from them (free, on loan) that plugs into the OBD2 port .. or(better) use their APP. The advantage of the Phone APP...
  18. Finally joined the club

    Congratulations .. Enjoy your new car. My advice to you at this point, with the new purchase, is to forget about Mods, and enjoy driving and discovering the car as it is. Plenty of time later, to "DECIDE" on what Mods you feel you need, as opposed to what mods you just heard about. Some...
  19. Civic 2018 1.5t weird noise on idle

    If it is the AC Compressor, then turning on/off A/C should make a difference. Not up to date with Modern Civics, but traditionally, when the A/C is off, the A/C Clutch is totally dis-engauged, and the compressor does not turn, so neither do it's bearings. In any case, Dealer's tech...
  20. AC Recall Letter

    A couple of questions about the Honda A/C Condenser :- Accepting that the initial issue with these condensers was a manufacturing/design flaw (1) When did Honda start fitting non-defective Condensers into cars at the factory (2) Has the new designed condenser got a different part number to...