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  1. Will someone make a *Coupe* 1.5T Dual Center Exhaused with Rear Diffuser

    Did u have to do any modifications to make it fit ??
  2. PRL Motorsports Front Pipe Pre-Order 1.5T Civic X

    Are u able to use the prl catted downpipe on cvt 1.5t with ktuner base maps or is that unsafe ??
  3. Dustys garage

  4. 1.5T PRL Cobra Intake - Does it really make a difference? (Results Inside)

    So with the race intake u can’t flash back to stock?? And also do the base maps work from ktuner or the race maf or does it have to be a custom tune ?
  5. Tuners for ktuner?

    i am looking for someone that’s reliable for tuning a ktuner ? On have a cvt looking to get a custom tune done , thanks in advance