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  1. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    great write up on the splitter, how does the mounting rods bolt to the oem under tray? can you provide more photos of the mounting system?
  2. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    yeah the icb hoods come with three or four different version depending how much cash you want to spend and what paint scheme if any the owner is going with,. The clear coat is really good on the hood, Lots and lots of exposed carbon,, might be pretty cool to take some photos of the all carbon on...
  3. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    yeah the paint cost wasn't to bad, mine was $600, i actually knew about the icb version way before the j's racing version. the hood is actually made in the first molding factory in suzuka japan. Icb motorsports distributes for them i believe. and j's racing just re-lables the hood for their company
  4. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    well here it is the final product, icb motorsports carbon top/frp bottom hood. After ordering the hood from icb ( not pre order), i was lucky enough matt had one in stock, i didn't have to wait 3+ months. Waited a few weeks to arrive to my house. Then the hood sat in my garage for 2 months due...
  5. Seibon Carbon great company but this hurt!

    that is a bummer, we spend our hard earned dollars on cf that makes our cars look and function well. Sometimes shit happens, i have been thru the ringer with cf parts both used and new.
  6. Seibon Carbon great company but this hurt!

    you can make that into cool auto art piece if you wanted to, i am assuming those photos where taken by you and the cutting was done by you and not seibon.
  7. CTR Catted downpipe suggestion needed

    my exhaust system doesn't drone at low rpm's. i have prl catted dp, milltek non resonated exhaust
  8. Injen intake Vs PRL Stage 1

    prl for sure, i have an extra prl stage 1 silicone pipe ill sell you, i do not have the filter

    i personally own the milltek non resonated exhaust with black tips. from personal experience i can say this exhaust system is worth the asking prince. it's has just the right amount of loud, w/o in cabin drone. it's quite at low rpm and loud at fully throttle, bumping this post
  10. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    i test fitted the hood in my hatch, with the seats down, it fits by one fist
  11. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    here are two photos of my icb motorsports hood, i choose the frp bottom and carbon top, i literally just took it out of the box to see it, snapped some photos then push it back into the box
  12. Looking for Varis in stock

    i spent months trying to find a varis hood that was in stock thru several distributors and online tuner racing parts shops. No luck, then i found first molding/icb motorsports. They designed and engineered a kick ass hood. There are several styles available, there next shipment is july, however...
  13. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    wow that is great post, love the photos. ICB Motorsport pricing is a tad cheaper only bc there is not "j's racing markup". Hood is manufactured by the same factory.
  14. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    i was wondering the same thing, ill have to test fit my hood to see if it fits in the hatch, if not ill haul the hood with a truck and follow behind the truck. I plan on designing a custom paint job for the hood,i actually already have the idea, i am confident they can handle the job.
  15. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    all prices are on the icb motorsports site. The hoods do not come painted to match the car. There are several choices of this style of hood to match your preference, prices range from 800 to 2800 dollars. email matt for more information if needed...
  16. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    visit the j's racing website they have production numbers of air temps when running the hood on the track. The bump in the hood actually does support cooler air temps. That is the closest data i could find to really knowing if the bump in the hood actually works. Shoot combine that with the prl...
  17. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    wow this thread has really blown up in the last few days. so far i have seen four paint schemes for this hood. They all look great, i received my frp/cf hood yesterday, took it out of bubble wrap today. The hood is so light in weight and the construction is perfect, i like how i can see little...
  18. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    wow it looks amazing, i actually seen your car on icb instragram profile!! i like the paint scheme. I am actually supposed to receive my hood from central freight shipping company tomorrow haha just before the state i live in goes on lock down for 30 days.
  19. FK8 Carbon Intake Duct

    Does anyone visit or know anyone that lives in kuala lumpur Malaysia? There is a aftermarket parts shop that makes this kick ass looking cf intake duct for the civic type r and civic si. The front bumper does require a hole to be drill through the front. I initially found the intake duct on an...