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  1. California WTS KTuner FlexFuel Kit Plug-N-Play

    Still available.
  2. Built 10th Gen Civic Si

    Clean as hell man. Awesome work!
  3. California WTS KTuner FlexFuel Kit Plug-N-Play

    Price reduced $100. Selling for $200
  4. The Time Has Come....

    Actually, I sold the hood months ago. I had the stock hood on. Rest assured, the Seibon Hoods are very safe and did NOT cause this issue.
  5. The Time Has Come....

    Was legit just driving on the freeway while it was pouring. I didnt drive through a single puddle. Ive done it many times before and never had an issue. But for whatever reason that day, it sucked up enough to make her sputter. When I drained the oil, it looked like a mocha latte. I did notice...
  6. The Time Has Come....

    Good Morning Y'all. I just wanted to start off by saying; The CivicX Community has been, by far, one of the best communities I've ever been a part of. So many friendly people and so many willing to help and give information. In July 2018, I bought my Brand New 2018 Civic Si Coupe with 5 miles...
  7. California WTS KTuner v1.2 w/TSP Stage 1, 2 AND Phearable Stage 2.5 w/GOD Mode Tunes!

    What do you mean? As far as I know, it works on the 2019 just fine.
  8. California WTS KTuner FlexFuel Kit Plug-N-Play

    Looking to sell my FlexFuel Kit that came off my 2018 Civic Si. Works beautifully and is available for shipping (at buyer's expense) and/or local pickup in Ontario, California. Asking $200.
  9. California Sold: WTS KTuner v1.2 w/TSP Stage 1, 2 AND Phearable Stage 2.5 w/GOD Mode Tunes!

    Hey All! I'm selling my KTuner v1.2 from my 2018 Civic Si and all the tunes associated with the KTuner Serial #. I'm looking for $600 OBO. Located near Ontario, California.
  10. Si Review: Spec Inc Stage 3 Clutch w/Steel SMF

    Hey @Baseline_Si, I still have the clutch in and she's still holding just as strong as ever. I've been using the Wilwood CMC with it and have had zero issues with High-RPM lockout. I also haven't experienced it slipping at all. My only current complaint is that sometimes, the pressure plate can...
  11. W1 and tune question

    Can you describe when the misfire happens? Under load? In boost? When the car sits overnight and you start it, how does it sound? The reason I ask is; If you're on the W1 with stock headgasket and headstuds, you could easily have pushed a headgasket. I had the same issue.
  12. Knock Retard while cruising

    Then everything is normal. ???
  13. My Spec clutch experience - Caveat emptor

    Damn, that's unfortunate man. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. For what it's worth, I believe I was one of the first people to have the Wilwood CMC "Fix". I've had it almost 2 years now with zero issues. It definitely fixed the high-rpm lockout and my brake hold still works.
  14. Knock Retard while cruising

    What fuel/octane are you running? If you're on 91/93, that's perfectly normal. On E40, I'm at a constant 0.49
  15. California 2017+ Civic Si & Non-Si DI Injectors (P/N: 16010-5PA-305)

    I'll ship for free to Ohio man. I'll use USPS Flat Rate.
  16. Fuel injector replacement at 86k miles *updated/fixed*

    I've replaced my own injectors. It's a bit of a pain, but not difficult. It's more of a time consuming effort than being difficult. The back intake manifold needs to come off in order to get to the rail and clips. I used the same pipe and I've had zero issues and leaks. FWIW, I'm selling a...
  17. California 2017+ Civic Si & Non-Si DI Injectors (P/N: 16010-5PA-305)

    I have a complete set of lightly used DI Fuel Injectors that came off of my 2018 Si Coupe at around 8K miles. The injectors are clean, tested and working with zero issues. They work for any 10th Gen Civic with the 1.5T (L15). Honda Part#: 16010-5PA-305 Looking for $200 for the set. Willing to...