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  1. Is this considered too ricey/tacky?

    We own Hondas... We're the pinnacle of ricehood. own it lol to answer your Q: You'd be considered Ricer lvl 1. Add a peaking anime sticker to level up like me ;) haha Minor Rant Alert: lol I would say true "Ricers" (derogatory name for Japanese car enthusiast) dont care. the Tuner scene in the...
  2. Eibach 25mm RSB

    Hell yeah that thing is pricy lol too much bar for our OE brackets haha Yeah let me know! Im sure it's going to be just as good, if not better than the 22mm whiteline rsb i installed. Cant imagine a reputable Tuning company swindling all of us into buying a weaker bar. well i'd like to think...
  3. Eibach 25mm RSB

    I'd hope so haha with that being said IMO worst case scenario is the 25mm bar is rated the same as the OE CTR but with less weight. No way to tell but what i do know is since I've posted this there is a Whiteline Solid 26MM RSB now lol...
  4. VViViD Yellow Headlight Tint Install

    haha wow just realized i never mentioned it lol i used an exacto knife for better precision and minimal effort to slice through the tint.
  5. Why change the Si's shift knob?

    jeesh too many to count probably haha ;)
  6. Post Pics of Yellow Fog Overlays/Bulbs

    Thanks man! You got to upload a photo so we can see how it looks!
  7. D2 Lowering Springs camber concerns

    Thanks G! VVivid tint was the brand and i got a roll for $17 on amazon
  8. D2 Lowering Springs camber concerns

    I've been on d2's since 2018... A year and some change with no camber kit and for the past few months i've been running SPC front lower ball joints and K-tuned rear camber arms. As far as not needing a camber kit, you honestly dont. As stated above its really the toe angle that chews up tires...
  9. Squeaking noise from left rear when making slow left turns

    haha no idea! I guess you'll have to be the lab rat for that answer lol
  10. Coilovers vs Springs

    Depends on what you're looking for regarding aftermarket wheels and the specs of those wheels. Do you plan to get wheels and tires? its tough to say cause, As much as i love handling performance... i love aesthetics too. i was going for the old honda Kanjo track style, so 17's with fat tires...
  11. Squeaking noise from left rear when making slow left turns

    I wouldnt know if they'd charge you but i think it's a good idea to take it in. The more dealers know of this issue the more knowledge would get spread to people who dont use the forum. The odds of it being something else other than what is stated above are slim but if you're under warranty...
  12. Is turbo flutter achievable?

    Can someone please lock this thread before too many turbos are "injured" lmaoooo
  13. Whiteline 26mm Solid Rear Sway Bar Kit

    God dammit @JO3L !!!!!!!! i just installed the 22mm rsb a month ago! haha if only they sold the bar on its own :/
  14. Coilovers vs Springs

    I wouldnt bother with Coilovers if you arent planning to be obsessive about dialing in the handling haha. My current setup is still less than the Tein coilovers and handling has been very much improved. 2 biggest benefits from coilovers is going to be the adjustable front camber and adjustable...
  15. Squeaking noise from left rear when making slow left turns

    @wintercast "you got a rock stuck between rotor and dust shield" Exactly this^^^^ Happens to me every time i drive this esse turn by my work. Has a bit of loose gravel near the edges as its in a canyon, so once im on a straight i just do a couple sharp turns left and right (basically quick...
  16. Lowered? Come on in

    Yeah they are primarily in the Chula Vista area in San Diego County which is about 25mins south of where im at. They usually meet up on thursday's down there as well so more often than not, cant make it. When i went to visit my parents awhile back, i saw Romel's green Hatch once though... that...
  17. Canadiaegean Blue's Si Sedan Build Thread

    Hahaha its like $500+ for the set right? I feel bad for making you the Guinea pig when i mentioned these to you awhile back but we're all rooting for you! Worst case if they dont fit, there is a good chance i'll buy them off you for my Dad's FK8:thumbsup:
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Not that i could find. I had to cut the vent out with a razor blade. Took off the bumper. Drilled a hole into the crash bar. Installed the strap. Reinstalled everything. Took me maybe 45 mins?
  19. What's your SI looking like today?

    FC3 rear tow strap install this evening:thumbsup:
  20. Tow hooks for a CTR track day?

    Not really anything on the forum regarding rear tow strap installs. Especially on the FC3 so I figured i’d drop it here for anyone else who might need future reference. Since its an FK8 thread i figured i should at least have it cameo in the pic;) 1.) cut out rear vent using a razor blade 2.)...