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  1. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    Took mine to the dealer a few weeks ago. Took out my ktuner and recorded milage and left it with no gas. They had my car all day but gave me a free loaner. Honda in Newton NJ.
  2. Honda Civic mods/advice

    Read a ton here. Consider your goals, finances, and needs as they all have pros and cons. Also consider your driving will help make decisions on your potential build. Enjoy!
  3. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    @Siqc Cafe killed it
  4. Hard water problems

    So I changed the game plan on the exterior care. Watched about 6 million youtube videos and settled on Mcguires black wax kit amd gold series wash products. Now I wash at dusk without direct sunlight and use a power buffer. Has made a world of difference. As for the water, I have a water...
  5. New Hatchback sport touring owner

    Spend the next few weeks soaking up this forum. Figure out your goals:, read, and read more. Start you list and enjoy every minute. Civics are like giant Legos for adults.
  6. Fog Light Issue

    So I replaced the fuse and it blew immediately. Have to back track online as I confirmed the prev owner did full aftermarket lights. HID upgrades...the whole bang. Back to square 1.
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Added some new decals. Shout out to @Siqc Cafe for the darkside design. Also added some sill protectors in red carbon. Not sure how much l Like them but good for now.
  8. Fog Light Issue

  9. Fog Light Issue

    So since covid hit I dont drive much, and never at night. In a rare moment went out in the pm and realized my fogs arent on. The dash indicator says they are tho. Im almost positive they are aftermarket as I bought the car with 6000 miles on it and they were bright yellow when they were on...
  10. Hood wrap DIY?

    Anyone try to wrap your own hood? Since our civics are painted with crayons and scratch..ding...and collect dirt like magnets...Im wondering how hard it is to DIY. Local shop wanted $450 to wrap the hood in 4D carbon. Thoughts?
  11. Tinting In Pennsylvania, What's Your Experience?

    I lived in wilkes barre and east Stroudsburg in the mid 2000. 5% tint used on all windows except windshield. No problems then.
  12. What's your biggest dumbass moment when working on your car?

    Took off the fuel line assembly bracket to install a catch can on my FK7. Dropped a bolt down into the skid plate. Tapped the skid plate from underneath to get the bolt to roll to where I could reach it. It instead shot up and out of sight. ....forever. Had to special order a bolt from honda...
  13. 2.0L Want to put in a Cold Air Intake

    Not sure about fitment. But IMHO a stand alone CAI isnt going to do anything significant. Save your money and get a Ktuner. It will make your car a ton more fun, it did for me. I run a PRL short ram because I love the woosh sound lol.
  14. 2.0L Want to put in a Cold Air Intake

    If youre throwing in a CAI and nothing else, no tune should be needed. Ive heard of some having issues with a select few Short Ram intake brands but PRL amd 27Won cold air setups are safe bets. Keep in mind, you'll see very little difference in performance.
  15. New to KTUNER suggested settings for a 1.5T MT?

    The base tunes are a great starter. My first round was with ktuner base map 2. Map 1 is too close to stock. Map3 is a "safe" full send and fun to experience. TSP maps are also awesome but are locked to prevent a great many things from happening.
  16. Hactchbacks with upgraded lip?

    You use the 4D stuff off Amazon and a heat gun?
  17. Hactchbacks with upgraded lip?

    You have the link? Maybe I'll consider a preorder.
  18. Hactchbacks with upgraded lip?

    Like the title says....looking for hatchbacks with the oem lip replaced. I have a 2019 hatch sport and due to a contruction zone the front lip is a bit loose and was dinged. Looking for options to make the front end more agressive. Pics and or links welcome.
  19. Chrome trim around doors, yay, or nay?

    I am really anti chrome. Just my opinion but chrome just reminds me of the DUB era spinners and such. No chrome.
  20. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliabilty Survey

    Vehicle: 2019 FK7 hatchback 1.5t MT Total tuned time: 2 weeks Total tuned mileage: 500 miles? Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V2 Tunes used: KTuner 19&21psi. TSP Stage 1 Additional engine mods: PRL short ram Street MAF, mishimoto catch can Problems/issues: None. Driving style: I drive...