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  1. Looking for 27won pipe-back slanted Si exhaust (Sedan)

    If anyone has one they're willing to let go let me know :) Thanks in advance!
  2. RV6 Retro, Exedy Stg 0, '20 Trans, 27mm FSB

    300 miles in and no issues or complaints. Speedo is ~10-12% off with the different ratio in the '20 transmission. (My car is a 2019 for reference). Driving 80 mph will show 90 on the dash for example. Not an issue after a couple days of driving with a GPS speedo, I've learned what the dash...
  3. Have you traded a car in with aftermarket parts?

    Hello everyone! I was curious if anyone here had traded in their Civic without reverting it back to all the stock stuff. Not sure if the dealerships have rules or anything against taking cars with mods. Thanks in advance!
  4. HPD Differential Installation Question

    Good morning everyone! Curious if anyone here has installed the HPD/Cusco 1.5 way LSD in their car. If you have; did you have to swap out the axles or the half shaft? Which model car did you install it in? Thank you very much!
  5. Transmission Questions

    Morning everyone! I've got two transmissions here and I'm curious if anyone can help me determine where the second one came from. The first one came from my car which is a 2019 FC1. You can see for the intermediate shaft it has the 4 indents around the differential: This other transmission...
  6. Rv6 Retro w/ Stage 0 Exedy Clutch installed

    Been without the car for a few months but finally had some time to work on it. Got the new clutch in. Still cleaning out the bell housing of the tranny but that should be going in the next time I have a few extra hours. Rv6 Retro and Exedy Stage 0
  7. Drive train noises after speed bump hit bottom of car

    Hey everyone! Been racking my brain the last few days trying to figure this one out. Last week I was getting gas and went over a speed bump, the other side of the bump was way lower than the entry point so the car slammed on top of the speed bump after going over it with the front wheels. It...
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