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  1. Anyone removed vehicle from insurance during COVID? Now needs servicing!

    good idea, will make a few calls.
  2. Anyone removed vehicle from insurance during COVID? Now needs servicing!

    Yup, moving in/out of garage/driveway is most I've been doing. Also, friend suggested not to use parking brake so it doesn't seize up. Great that you got the rotors/pads replaced for free, thought they were more operational wear/tear things that are not covered under warranty.
  3. Anyone removed vehicle from insurance during COVID? Now needs servicing!

    Not sure if others have similar experiences... Since COVID hit, barely drove my baby '2016 Civic EX-T' as I've been working from home for over a year now. Last month took civic off insurance (just fire/theft coverage while it sits in the garage/driveway - can't take it on road), as it costs...
  4. TuxMat?

    Anyone used Tux Mats? Any feedback? Canadian brand for floor mats - looks much nicer and little cheaper than WeatherTech. Inclining towards buying them, so wanted to ask fellow Canadian CivicXers before biting the bullet...
  5. Window tint

    Thanks for the input! I drove a friend's car with 35% tints on front side windows, a little challenging driving at night in poorly lit areas especially clearly seeing pedestrians. Decided to go no darker than 50-60% in front, 20% rear. Don't want to chase style and hit a pedestrian - Safety...
  6. Ontario check-in!

    Anyone know of places (Canadian online sites or stores) to get LEDs for rear brake, 3rd brake, turn signals, reverse lights? So far, I've only been able to find US sites that have these...
  7. Window tint

    Scheduled for coming Saturday to get my tints at S Class in Brampton - quite good reviews. Planning on going 35% front/side, 20% rear. Still debating if I should get 35% in front vs none. I like to have consistent look to have all windows tinted, but want to make sure driving at night is not...
  8. Winter Tires?

    I negotiated Michelin XIce3 winter tires + alloy rims for free when I bought my EX-T - so not really much help with the pricing. I took it down a size from EX-T standard 17" to 16" for winters. However, Michelin prices are pretty standard (probably a few bucks cheaper at SimplyTire + they have...
  9. Touchless car wash props open the fuel lid

    Yes, the gas door (although push) gets locked when the doors are locked.
  10. Touchless car wash props open the fuel lid

    @CarRookie - Car's running just fine. I don't think there's much for you to worry about. The inside lid is fairly tight so little or no water would have gotten in unless you target the power spray directly at the opening. Don't worry and enjoy you car! Now that the weather is nice, maybe...
  11. Ontario check-in!

    Yup, I'd also like to hear what the Honda thought process was behind this design - other than saving money to have one alloy mould for the rims!
  12. Ontario check-in!

    Sorry, I should have been clear, my winters (Michelin X-Ice 3) are installed on non-directional alloys, all seasons (Firestone) installed on stock alloys. So, I changed the wheels/tires and noticed the difference. Nothing we can do about it, that's how they are - no matter which side and...
  13. Ontario check-in!

    Didn't realize Touring is also the same way! I feel a little beter now LOL Changed my winter tires on Saturday, and noticed they were inconsistent - thought to myself "oh crap, I have to take them all off again and re-install!" Then realized that's how they were and was yelling (on the inside)...
  14. Ontario check-in!

    Do any of the EX-T owners find the stock rims' directional spokes/design facing different directions (facing back on left side vs facing front on right side) annoying? I wish they were identical and not directional. :(
  15. Ontario check-in!

    That's a decent price with lifetime warranty! Did you get 3M tints or something else?
  16. Ontario check-in!

    Hand wash is the best - if you are able to manage even in our cold weather, or pay ~$20 bucks from a decent detailing shop. I personally can't justify $20 every week or so for a hand wash - it's not a Ferrari :). Next best is touchless IMO, as long as the water pressure is reasonable and not...
  17. Ontario check-in!

    Go for it. You'll notice the dirt comes off quite easily during washes. Use touch less wash until the warm weather then hand wash yourself. You'll save the car from some unnecessary swirls and not to mention the satisfaction.
  18. Ontario check-in!

    That's awesome! Twin-Civics - Civic from another brother! ;)
  19. Ontario check-in!

    Here's what I got done at Detail Pros: - Hand-wash, buff, wax and paint sealant application - Dr. Beasley Nano-Resin Paint sealant ( - $ 195 (CAD) - Took 3 hours for whole application - Protects for 2-3 years I was considering the 9H Ceramic Pro...
  20. WoP vs MMS?

    MSM was my first choice, until I saw the WOP in person - I now drive a WOP EX-T. Looks elegant!