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  1. What did you pay?

    And I don't mean to come off rude, but you're flying off the handle and swearing in the other thread because someone got a great deal. I don't think it's really necessary. We're all on the forum because we got a sweet vehicle. Not to trash each other.
  2. What did you pay?

    In case you can't figure the math out, kind of like you can't figure out who posted what, dealer COST is just over 24k for my dealer.
  3. Canada Touring Prices

    No. I actually didn't. Someone else posted that I said that, which I didn't. Read the thread ...
  4. What did you pay?

    And my exact total was $27829...I forgot I added the extended warranty which brings the total up. I paid for my plates, $145, and the enviro and AC tax by debit. That totalled $200 and some change. Don't care if you don't believe it. It is what it is and I'm happy it's such a good deal. Guess...
  5. What did you pay?

    0% what? I said zero down. There are no "mandatory" fees. I don't know where you get your info, but it's incorrect. The only mandatory fee is tire and A/C tax (items the Government collects). Any dealer can waive freight and PDI if they so wish. I didn't pay freight or PDI on my Tahoe either...
  6. What did you pay?

    And when you say lists, which price are you referring to?
  7. What did you pay?

    I don't know what to tell you man. Should I have argued to have them increase the price to go with the "going rate" ? Haha! It's none of my business if others paid more. I'm just telling you what I paid for mine. And I'm sure not calling them back to have them add a few thousand bucks to satisfy...
  8. What did you pay?

    Like I said, I'll post the photo of my deal. I'm working right now, but I'll add it to the thread when I get home. Invoice is a lot lower than people assume. Not sure why this is hard to believe. We're talking about a Civic here....
  9. What did you pay?

    I think you have the invoice price wrong... The Touring TRUE invoice price is well below $30,350 minus 13% tax....
  10. What did you pay?

    Have a look at the articles at how the US citizens are paying way more for cars right now than Canadians. I got the car for $400 over invoice. I'll post a picture of the paperwork for you doubters. Don't hate because you 'Mericans are getting hosed. ;-)
  11. What did you pay?

    Thanks! I thought so too! A friend of mine has purchased multiple vehicles from this dealer, so they really helped me out.
  12. What did you pay?

    I paid 27k Canadian 13% tax included as well as all fees. WOP Touring. Zero down.
  13. Display Homescreen + Wallpaper Thread

    I'm afraid to do this. Haha! The HU has enough issues serving its normal purpose. I don't want to confuse it! :-)
  14. Taking care of the turbo - lots of starts/stops

    You don't need a turbo timer. I've owned shop sponsored turbo cars before, with 70k worth of engine mods, and I used to have a turbo timer. But I was running 27 psi of boost with a large Garrett ball bearing turbo. So this was a different case. The Civic is not a race car, and its designed for...
  15. CVT surging up and down

    It will because as the revs go up, the turbo will also spool.
  16. "Auto" Climate Control

    Yup. I put my hand over the windshield vents, as well as the front vents. It seems to only blow to the floor.
  17. "Auto" Climate Control

    I did read that a climate control button pushed, cancels the 'Auto' feature. This is also different from my previous vehicles, as I could set the temp, and choose which vents it blew from. That being said, I'm just trying to figure out if it is an actual issue with it blowing only on the...
  18. Receiving multiple bogus video messages

    Let us know how it goes. If they tell you that it's due to an iOS issue, tell them you know multiple owners with issues WITHOUT iPhones...
  19. "Auto" Climate Control

    Okay. I have emailed my service rep about this issue. I took delivery of my Touring on January 21st...So I haven't had it very long. It's been between 0 C and -15C since I took delivery. Obviously having air only blow out the floor vents, is not the most efficient form of air circulation...
  20. Receiving multiple bogus video messages

    I received two messages this morning, and I don't have an iPhone...So this cause given by Honda, is bogus. I got the CMBS error, and that I should have it checked by a dealer. I also got the Driver Assist System has a problem, and that I should park in a safe are and clean the windshield. My...