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  1. Wireless CarPlay??

    Gotta pay to play, or use the onboard Bluetooth and it's limited features.
  2. Money shifted from 3rd to 2nd.....

    Stop worrying, the car was built for this. ??
  3. Car wash foam gun or cannon recommendations

    Like 3 other people said, the Trinova for $30 from Amazon does a good job once you put the adjustment right with your chemical.
  4. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    The popular one I usually see is 245/40/19 tire if you're on stock height.
  5. 2018 vs 2021 Type R Impressions

    The most major improvement from my '19 to my '21 is the transmission... Before I felt like I was jerking off a robot with a broken glass jar. Now it's smooth like a hot knife in butter. o_O
  6. When was the last time you saw another Civic Type R on the road...?

    Often now, at least once a week. Since almost all are modded and I'm stock I just pretend like I don't see them and drive away quietly lmao :p
  7. Anyone with 19”

    245/40/19. ?
  8. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Contact Vivid and ask for Austin. At stock height there is a plethora of tire combinations you can run at 18” that won’t rub.
  9. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    I'm rooting for you, only because something similar happened to me. Bought a used EVO that blew up. Dealership found previous owner dropped in pistons so no warranty was able to be claimed. Had the car for 4 years and drove it in total time of about 1 year.
  10. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    What’s the update from the dealer. ?
  11. Remus exhaust worst experience

    File a chargeback. Make them all jump into action. ?
  12. Somebody cracked the code on Reddit all incoming CTR's!!

    Thank you, almost gave up hope finding Red...
  13. Warranty? Thrown Rod!!

    Go into +R mode, rev and find out :P
  14. F/S: 2020 Type R shift knob, Perrin shift knob, Lamin-X Fog Light covers.

    Hope this helps. It’s a pretty decent size, didn’t know there’s a big or small version. Water bottle is 16.9 oz.