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  1. What does this do for sensing?

    Automatic rain sensors.
  2. Low Engine Idle

    Not a fix, but when it happens to me, I turn on the AC/heat and that increases the RPMs enough to stop the shaking...
  3. Strange sound at startup

    Mine sounds just like that on warm starts.
  4. when heater on, making high pitch whirling noise ?

    Mine does it too. Dealer said it was the compressor spooling when coming to a stop.
  5. Low Engine Idle

    Mine does it too. If I turn on climate control, it stops. I notice the passenger seat vibrating quite a bit...
  6. Hey Garmin...We need an Map Update!

    I have 100Mbs connection - that is not the issue. Doesn't work on any machine I try.
  7. Hey Garmin...We need an Map Update!

    I can't even get the maps to download to my computer - keep getting this error.
  8. After 6000 miles or 10,000 km i feel that everything rattles

    I've got the same rear from the trunk. If they figure it out, please let us know what the issue it.
  9. Drivers seat right side bolster on the back rest squeaks and creaks, picture attached.

    I have that too. Any permanent fix you have found? I tried stuffing a towel between the back seat and the latches temporarily or keeping the back seat folded down into the cabin to eliminate the rattle. Anything that can be done?
  10. Consumer Reports 2016 Reliability Rating
  11. First Oil Change

    Do it now - won't hurt a thing. Most dealerships change it at 15%.
  12. Rattling noise
  13. Anyone testing iOS 10

  14. Voice Button - Sounds REALLY Sad

    Can you record it and post it here?
  15. Dent above passenger doors, accident or body issue?

    What did they say when you pointed it out?
  16. Strange sound at startup

    If it is the fuel pump, is that better than it being the VTC? Is the fuel pump easy (easier) to repair/replace?
  17. A/C help

    Lemon law is a relatively easy solution...
  18. A/C help

    Lemon law?
  19. A/C help

    Texas Lemon Law And General Warranty Complaints ... -
  20. I hate the starting sound

    Please let is know what they say about the grinding noise. Many people are experiencing it!