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  1. Owning the 10th Gen Civic for a few years

    When I bought my 2018 civic coupe EX turbo modern steel with 4 miles on the OD I had great hopes that this car would satisfy me. Owning used cars from 1985 ( a 1963 rambler being my first car) too 2004 being a Hyundai Tiburon GT my first new car. was total in 2011 bought a 2003 VW Jetta TDI (...
  2. For car enthusiast

    I was looking for a particular car on the internet when i came across a website called if anyone knows about it it’s a cool site to visit Here’s some pics of a 1980 mustang concept I wish they made the mustang like this
  3. Shocks and struts

    What’s a good time to change or replace shocks and struts? My civic is near 50k when I had my 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT I did change the shocks and strut at 65k that was also in NY stop and go traffic potholes and snowy conditions. Since being in Florida flat roads hardly if any potholes and...
  4. Has anyone bought these

    I saw this set of led headlights on eBay for 36 bucks are they worth it or just garbage
  5. Working with coworkers

    I’ve unfortunately work with guys like this
  6. Steering wheel repair

    Has anyone used leather repair or had a “ leather wrap wheel repaired ? At one point I decided to scrub my wheel with a leather cleaner and wound up scuffing it up. It’s more discolored than scuffed any advice would be appreciate Thanks
  7. What car or auto manufacturer you wouldn’t buy or own

    Change this a little instead of what car or auto manufacturers that you would buy or own what car or auto manufacture that you wouldn’t buy or own the first for me is any Chrysler products and fords ( I had to many fords in the past) and a few German products to
  8. Nano sparkle cloth

    I just saw this on the web apparently it’s a cloth infused with metal particles to take scratches out of the paint ( has any one else seen this or tried it) :dunno:
  9. LasFit LED Headlights

    Has anyone used these if so are they good? any feedback would be appreciated thanks
  10. Coupe owners ! what would you buy next ?

    Being coupes are non existent ( excluding mustang,Camaro,challenger) there’s a few others out there but also ridiculous in price what would it be sedan hatchback truck or SUV ( remember gas prices are going up ) or the three pony cars that I mentioned
  11. Who plays instruments or plays in bands

    Just curious is there any members that plays musical instruments or plays in bands when I was younger myself and a few friends would jam out more of a hobby not being a serious profession I played bass guitar a SteinBerger ( which I still have and haven’t played it for years) and a Roland synth...
  12. VW Beetle Pickup

    On my commute home from work I saw this apparently it’s a FWD VW beetle with a pickup body I believe it’s a kit
  13. Opinions on electric cars

    Electric cars have advanced over the last century since a 1911 Baker electric and a 1976 Citicar do to Tesla and auto makers personally as a car enthusiast I have no problem with electric cars. What’s everyones opinion on electric cars?
  14. What other cars were you looking at before the civic

    In 2018 I was looking at a Hyundai Elantra GT sport turbo and sedan than Toyota camary & Corolla Ford Mustang,Buick Regal, VW beetle turbo, Kia Forte hatchback,Mazda Miata ( to small for me) and I actually look at a Dodge Dart ( what was I thinking) than I finally settled on the civic...
  15. Pickup truck drivers

    There are numerous threads on this site of idiot drivers I understand that. But this is completely ridiculous on my commute home from work this past three weeks I’ve had at least one or two pickup trucks drivers try to run me off the road .and just to let you know their not young guys their...
  16. 1988 to 91 prelude SI 4WS

    Here’s something to read Clever four-wheel steering makes the 1988-’91 Honda Prelude Si 4WS more desirable, if only slightly more expensive Hemmings Stock Exchange - Imported Collectibles By Mark J. McCourt from January 2021 issue of Hemmings Motor News Photos courtesy of Honda. Comments: 7...
  17. Has this happened to anybody else

    As I was in a parking lot I came across a sonic grey sport touring and saw that the paint on the side mirrors were faded and chipping . I know the sun is strong in Florida but my cars been out in the sun for two years and I don’t see anything like this happening to my car
  18. Christmas music

    It’s the season for Christmas music traditional ( instrumental or pipe organ) every thing from TSO ( trans Siberia orchestra) everything from Mannheim steamroller Emerson lake & Palmer- farther Christmas gary hoeys-Christmas albums jethro tull- Christmas album rob halford -deck the halls steve...
  19. Who kayaks

    Believe it or not now is the time to go kayaking in Florida ( I made the mistake to go in the summer time waaaay to hot! ) I used to kayak in Long Island also I had a plastic molded sit-on-top. now living in Florida I don’t have much room where I live I now own a inflatable kayak also sit-on-top...
  20. American- Japanese or European?

    This maybe a redundant question what is it that you really like? America Japanese or European cars. As I was younger I was American cars all the way some Japanese cars peak my interest Datsun z cars ,Toyota Supra,Mazda RX7, Honda prelude And the Subaru Brat and the AWD XT , but as I got older...