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  1. RL caliper swap

    I've had RL calipers for over a year now and wanted to share some experiences and thoughts plus other general information First off this is the initial thread I learned about this retro fit. It's got a breakdown of a lot of brake caliper and rotor info for this platform and potential retrofits...
  2. Porsche gt3 or Audi rs3 brake cooling ducts?

    Trying out using brake cooling ducts for Audi rs3 or Porsche gt3. I the idea of trying the Audi from a user on 11gen forum. I figured why not. They were $35 on eBay There's an article...
  3. Wake the Dragon 2024

    April 5-7 Fontana village, NC Rooms are booking quickly
  4. Wake the Dragon 2023

    Just a couple of months away...
  5. South Carolina Acuity ESCO knobs

    Red and black $65 each shipped
  6. South Carolina Sold: Type R shifter assembly + Acuity bits

    $85 plus shipping 2017 assembly Rocker Centering spring
  7. Ale and Octane Daniel Island

    Civic Social Club South Carolina is doing a cruise to Ale and Octane on Daniel Island 9/25/2022 South Carolina peeps, come on out!
  8. Crashing Classic Hondas on the Dragon

    October 8-9 Come check out classic Hondas and Acuras on Tail of the Dragon!! Might do a Moonshiners Run down to Clayton Ga and hit up the distillery
  9. Delrin shift knob

    Very sneaky release y'all. It's handsome. What's the weight?
  10. Window seals melting?

    Like the title says. The seals at the bottom of my passenger side windows were melting. They cracked and tore on touch. They were very very soft. Only on one side though. Pollen covered, but y'all get the idea Is there anything that will protect them from further deterioration? Is this...
  11. Garage floor

    Moving to a new house with a garage!!! I have plans on coating/covering the floor. I'm not sure if I want to use epoxy or tiles. Anyone with experience in this? What coatings did yall use?
  12. Phearable 1.5 R

    So this is now coming soon... I love the competition!!! Win win for everyone! And... It's here!
  13. 1.5T Exedy stage 2 clutch with Exedy lightweight flywheel: first impressions

    2018 si turbo swap and FBO. Stock clutch was holding up until I added 27won TIP and switched from BMS MAF to PRL race MAF. While data logging for the new intake setup, my luck ran out. Sliiiiiiiip ? So I shopped around for a new clutch... Retrofit - out of stock, CMC out of stock ACT - out of...
  14. Admin please delete or combine with other spoon turbo thread

    Spoon is dropping a turbo kit for tenth gen 1.5t!!! Click the link for the Facebook post with slightly more detail
  15. What have you done to your Civic in the past 18 months-- before and after pics

    You are so right @gtman I'll start November 2018 Sound system Amber Lamin-x Ktuner Last week Just a few more things Let's see those before and after pics!!!
  16. Eibach Sportline for Si

    Wanna go lower with Eibach??
  17. Possible pricing and release date for PRL TIP??

    I found this browsing around. I wonder if it's accurate. The site doesn't show any testing numbers yet.
  18. Yohb?
  19. Aggressive fitment handling

    Soooooo I just made an expensive impulse buy. 18x9.5 +35 square setup wrapped in 245/40. I'll be losing around 8lbs per wheel, so that's exciting. I probably should have asked this before buying. I guess I'm just a risk taker :cool: Not doing a drop any time soon. My truck is static dropped...
  20. Sold: Katana h11 led

    For sale Katana h11/h8 led for low beam or fogs. $35 pls shipping shipped