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  1. PRL Race Intake & OEM SI Springs

    Parting out my 2018 SI coupe. All parts have less than 100 miles on them and are in complete and mint condition unless otherwise mentioned. I'm located in Buford, Georgia and locals will have priority but the prices below include shipping as mentioned. Pick up prices will be less. SI Springs -...
  2. Broke off sensor behind rotor - what is it?

    Was reinstalling the stock springs and broke off this sensor........What is it and is it an easy replacement?
  3. Sold: 2x Genuine Honda OEM Red "H" Badges - 75700-TH-A01 **Damaged**

    Up for sale are two 75700-TGH-A01 Red "H" emblems that I purchased from the dealership for my 18 SI Coupe (Front + Rear). The one on the right was from someone trying to pry it off but bolted as soon as he saw me. The one on the left has a defect/damage on the left side in the chrome. Not sure...
  4. Sold: OEM SI Steering Wheel

    SOLD TO @Hawk
  5. Post Spring Install - grease/oil

    It's been a few weeks since i've installed the swift springs but I got under the car today to install the Type R brace and noticed some oil/grease in this area. Anything I should be concerned about?
  6. Sold: 18 SI Rear Sway Bar with end links, bushings and brackets

    **SOLD** Installed the Type R rear sway bar so I no longer need this. You'll receive the following OEM parts that were removed from my 18 SI coupe with 11k miles: -Rear sway bar -2 end links -2 rsb brackets with bushings $70 shipped OBO Shipping is going to be expensive but i'll package it...
  7. Torque Spec for 17mm Tophat Nut (1 nut also keeps spinning)

    Just finished my swift spring install for my 18 SI and have torque specs for all the nuts and bolts but this one. Anyone know the torque spec? Also, I was able to tighten down the driver's side tophat nut but the passenger side just keeps spinning in place. If anyone can shed some light on this...