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  1. California FOR SALE: The Hotness™ 😎 $30,000 OBO

    The highest bid was $22K, but the buyer backed out of the deal. I don’t think he fully realized what it would take to smog the vehicle. 🤷🏼 I’m not in a hurry to sell it. I’ll try again later.
  2. Is it worth to get carbon fiber accessories

    OP, I agree with others in that if you’re going to add some CF to your ride, I suggest gloss on the exterior and matte on the interior. Search my Build Thread in my sig below, as that’s what I did for my Si. I ponied up the dough for Pegasus Carbon pieces for the interior because they’re full...
  3. ***The Hotness™️ Build Thread!***

    Thanks for the update! NP at all, sounds pertinent to the overall build. I do think a dedicated ‘this is what’s in the kit’ post could be helpful for others.
  4. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    Ah, okay, then you're GtG! Must sound great!
  5. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    Amp that sub, and it’ll be so much better for not very much dough. Just a thought. 😄 Good work!
  6. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    Dayum! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Nice write up! I can’t help but wonder how that pattern might hide small leaks (drips) and/or dropped bolts. 🤔
  7. Steering wheel off center

    I agree with this, but I’m not sure how the car would be professionally aligned *without* the steering wheel being straight.
  8. ***The Hotness™️ Build Thread!***

    Cool, keep us updated, please. 🙏🏼 it’d be super convenient if they supplies all of the necessary gaskets, including new oil and coolant line gaskets. If they don’t, you’ll need those as well.
  9. ***The Hotness™️ Build Thread!***

    I don't recall that option being offered when I purchased my turbo. Now, I'd def get that for $99, and see what it specifically includes. Have you emailed them to ask which specific gaskets the kit includes? Like, is it just the block-turbo gasket, or does it also include the turbo-downpipe gasket?
  10. Vargas GC+ Turbo Failure

    Yikes! So sorry to hear this mate! Sub'd, as I have A GC+. 😨 Were you running the Phearable tune made for it? Curious what the ultimate cause is during autopsy. GL! 🤞🏼
  11. What's your SI looking like today?

    Wow! Have fun pressure-washing! 😅
  12. Replacements for Stock Subwoofer / Process?

    What the heck? 😄 Okay. ✌🏼
  13. Replacements for Stock Subwoofer / Process?

    What are your audio settings in the Headunit? The OEM amp only pushes about 75W to the sub, why in is why I amp’d mine. You should be hearing some bass, though. Is the sub installed?
  14. California FOR SALE: The Hotness™ 😎 $30,000 OBO

    @Jason Baker , is that you? 🤣 JK JK
  15. California FOR SALE: The Hotness™ 😎 $30,000 OBO

    Change of plans! No sale after all. The Buyer backed out of the deal. We had a long phone call after the auction ended, and I told him the details of how the car is heavily modified, and smog is tricky. I think that changed his mind. Honestly, I'm not upset about it. I mean, sure it'd be nice...
  16. California FOR SALE: The Hotness™ 😎 $30,000 OBO

    Yeah, pretty much everyone I spoke said the same thing. I was aiming for $30K, which I thought was a moonshot. It did via Cars & Bids. The process on Cars & Bids was great, totally recommend them!
  17. California FOR SALE: The Hotness™ 😎 $30,000 OBO

    Yeah, less than I wanted overall, but it was the best offer I had gotten from multiple sources.
  18. Replacements for Stock Subwoofer / Process?

    Yep, that's the exact post I used, OP, to do the wiring for my sub. @86salmon 🙌🏼