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  1. Florida PRL parts & more

    Local sales are preferred but willing to ship @ buyers expense. OEM Red Leather wrapped shift knob- $120+shipping PRL charge pipes- $275+ shipping PRL FMIC- $550+shipping oem type r all weather truck mat- $100 (local) maxpider 3D front floor mats- $100+shipping
  2. This is my nightmare….

    Ugh. Ive had my beloved R since 2017. Its been my dream car since I was a kid playing forza on playstation. I treated her the best I could, washing and detailing meticulously. Tracked her, drove her the way an R is supposed to be driven…and now….mother nature seems to want her more…. (This is...
  3. Florida Takeda afe intake

    Takeda afe intake for sale. Intake box is wrapped in gold heat reflective tape (surprisingly makes a difference) Filter is in good condition. *maf housing has a tear that can be fixed* Asking $100+ shipping
  4. Your trek to the track

    Being from southern florida, I have 2 tracks available (Sebring and Homestead) and a few autox events that pop up here and there. But even still I have to drive about 1.5-3hrs for every track day!! How are some of the treks you guys take to get your beloved R to the track??
  5. Hfp fk8 race car front bumper cover

    Whats up everyone?? Has anyone seen this piece sold individually? I’ve googled and I’ve found the TCR replica kit, but I havent found this front bumper (or lip) It seems to have bigger brake ducts and instead of the fake carbon lip, theres just a piano black lip on these.
  6. South Florida anyone??

    I’ve been seeing a few R’s down here in Miami/Fort Lauderdale area but never see anyone posting?! Do we have anyone from SoFlo here??
  7. Florida PRL Turbo & parts for sale!

    Getting rid of some stuff around the garage! Will ship everything 👍 P600 v2 turbo. Under 4K miles on it. In great condition. Comes with BNIB PRL hardware kit for installation (1400shipped) 2018 type r shifter w/ Acuity spring + base bushings $100 shipped 2018 OEM intercooler $40 +shipping...
  8. Florida ISO XDI HPFP

    Hey everyone. I’m looking to buy a XDI HFPF. Please let me know if you have one for sale! Willing to pay for shipping. Thanks
  9. Florida Please close

    Please close
  10. South Florida FK8’s

    Been seeing a lot of R’s recently in Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. Anyone do meets or rides down in soflo?? also, with PBIR shutting down, is there any track days/autox events in south Florida that y’all go to??
  11. Florida OEM Intercooler

    For sale: 2018 Oem intercooler (fk8) 35k on it. In perfect working condition. Will ship at buyers expense 👍 $90 + shipping
  12. 500hp internals

    What’s up everyone?? So I just purchased the last piece of the puzzle to go fbo with the fk8 and was wondering what types of internals i would need for a”safe” (i understand the nature of tuning) 500hp daily fk8?? Next thing on the menu is a drop in turbo, i just ordered the hondata fuel system...
  13. Florida WTB: secondary o2 sensor/o2 sensor extender

    Got the MAPERFORMANCE catted dp installed but idk what happened where the secondary o2 sensor won’t reach the harness now…. looking to buy an extension (i believe RV6 sent them with their do’s at one point) or an Oem secondary o2 sensor (I’ll use it as an extension) thanks
  14. Florida Sold: Oem downpipe fs

    Hey everyone. Installed the Maperformance dp so I’m selling my fk8 Oem Dp. 35k miles on it, great condition. $600 shipped located in Fort Lauderdale FL
  15. Maperformance DP o2 sensor extension??

    Hey everyone. Super random but I’m in the home stretch of diy’ing the Maperformance dp on my fk8 but i have a huge Hang up….the secondary o2 sensor wiring isn’t long enough to fit the harness. (It doesn’t reach)… has anyone ran into this problem?? I followed instructions well and everything was...
  16. Super cheap oil catch can option

    What’s up everyone? So after doing some research and noticing every catch can for the fk8 is like $200, I wanted to find a cheaper option so naturally i turned to YouTube lol I ended up buying a $25 catch can from Amazon and some Pcv hose from O’Reilly’s and this is what i came up with! it...
  17. Cant shift into 5th,6th or reverse after acuity shifter bushings install

    Hey guys, super weird but I just finished the acuity shifter bushings install and for some reason now im locked out of 5th, 6th and reverse. I followed the install guide and everything seemed to go smoothly but when i went to drive the car, i couldn't reverse out of the driveway! any of the...