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  1. New Jersey 18x8.5 Enkei Tuning TS-7 Bronze MT Wheels +38

    Greetings! i bought these wheels for my 19 civic sport, but after attempting to install over the weekend, I discovered unfortunately they do not fit. They will fit a 10th/11th gen type r no problem, so these are perfect if you want to downsize your 21” wheels for 18s. There is nothing wrong...
  2. Why is my average MPG dropping each time i am driving?

    It’s winter. Engine takes longer to reach optimal temperature. More fuel required until it does. My mpg went from 32.5 late dec to 31.5 now. And i drive like an old man
  3. Should i buy a CTR that has been to 2 accidents? I have detailed Reports of each

    Yes, totally, this sounds like a great idea. What could go wrong?
  4. Weird sound kinda like barking

    Sounds rough
  5. Minor Issue - Too small of a range on front heat vents to reach hands?

    /whispers Buy a pair of lined driving gloves, maybe dents
  6. CLOSED (Group Buy | Suma Mirrors | Up to 30% Off)

    I ordered these Thursday evening and they got here yesterday. That’s 2.5 day shipping from West coast to east coast, impressive! Oh, and the mirrors are super interesting. Feels like a new car. I can’t wait to drive with thrm
  7. CLOSED (Group Buy | Suma Mirrors | Up to 30% Off)

    Giddyup - Let’s do this boys daddy needs a new pair of mirrors #55YEKZWM6
  8. CVT Fluid Change

    The car can’t tell you every single thing that needs to happen on a car, the owners manual does though. Highly recommend reading that. Before you worry too much though it really depends on how you drove the car. I’ve read people on here changing the fluid at 80k or higher and it looking clean...
  9. Front Grill options

    Glad you like it! Their pieces are top notch and fit great. Let me know which you end up getting and how the installation goes
  10. Front Grill options

    That thing is ugly, sorry. There’s a grill on procivic that’s pretty cool and has performance properties
  11. Deer totaled my Si, Progressive Ins. is low balling

    Good luck with the process, but surface rust is a tough thing to dispute. Hope you get a good result anyway though, insurance companies don’t need more dough
  12. Cvt clutch reprogram/Reset

    He has a right to say what he feels like saying. He’s very helpful if you are patient and engage in a conversation instead of getting upset and throwing ad hominems
  13. What is the best suspension mod you have done?

    Just get the eiback rsb and call it a day
  14. 2017 Civic Hatchback LX 1.5L 18" Tires

    I have 18s and 235/40 fits well. You should also be able to fit 245/40. Also XL for load size
  15. Fun second car ? In addition to the FK8.

    I like how the guy is asking for a fun second car and people are telling him to save his money and enjoy what he has. Did his wife pay you guys to say that or what lol. i say go for the toyota FT-se when that comes out. Total gorge
  16. New York Need parts

    Just pmed you
  17. Should I trade my CTR??

    Good plan, let us know how it goes
  18. New Honda Prelude debuts in Tokyo

    Nice, might have to actually get this one, looks great
  19. What has happened to people?

    It’s a generational thing, lots of young people with too much information at their hands and not using technology for what its intended for = lots of confusion and lost persons I feel the exact same way, fwiw. Sometimes my niceness gets taken advantage of but its water off my back because 9...