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  1. Let's talk about the hatchback rod failures

    Sample size is still too small. Are hatchback owners more prone to wreck less tuning behaviors? Could it be that sedan owners tend to be more conservative? How many sedan owners have pushed stock engine to 30 psi? How many sedan owners are pushing the same limits as some of these hatchback...
  2. CVT weird ??? ( UPDATE ! )

    Kinda sounds like it's slipping.
  3. Favorite Mod?

    Prl intercooler. Then lightweight wheels.
  4. Reinstall lower control arm rear

    The arm wouldn't fit in the knuckle, or the bolt won't go in? I have to replace the arm soon. I remember getting them off was a bitch and a half.
  5. My honda civic leaks oil from the cap

    Fix the crankcase pressure issue before the gasket. That mishimoto catch could be blocking flow. The copper 'filter' element is known to cause restrictions.
  6. 2017 1.5t blown head gskt too!

    What octane gas do you use? I've been seeing alot of accord and crv failures more so than civic.
  7. Undisclosed WTB: pre facelift hatchback bymper garnish

    I'm searching for driver side rear bumper garnish. Thanks.
  8. 2017 Civic Sport Hatchback Stock Looking for Mod Ideas

    Just get a ktuner with phearable tune and call it a day. Then maybe an intercooler. Because of cvt, and daily driving situations, you won't be able to use any extra power down low. Adding more power won't really do you much good, unless you don't care about speeding and getting tickets.
  9. What do I have to do, buy, or remove to get the my car to look like this?

    Thats a rype r. My hatch looks exaxtly like the first pic.
  10. my cvt race car

    Being lowered that much, your roll center is out of wack, and also your front suspension is going positive camber the entire stroke. I wouodnt be surprised if youre constanrly riding on the bumpstop. Understand your car and be careful Out there.
  11. Oil Dilution in 2018 Civic 1.5 Turbo. What actions to take?

    Driving style certainly matters for cvt. Cruising rpm is so low, the engine never really gets hot enough. I drive in s mode to keep the rpm up.
  12. Toe arm bushings worn?

    Is it factory part with rubber bushings? I have eibach camber arms and lower 'toe arms'. I started having creaks and squeaks thus summer, and passenger side toe arm ate its ball joint. Put the stock one back kn and it's happy again.
  13. Change battery proactively

    Ditch the honda lead acid battery and get any run of the mill agm battery. Cheapo autozone 51r agm battery is lighter by a few pounds and perform better than factory honda battery.
  14. Fuel Pump recall

    Is the fuel guage not showing full tank? My car always takes about 10.5 gal from empty. During lockdown, I ran the tank until the red bar disappeared, then it took about 12 gallons.
  15. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    Im running dws 235/40/18 on my gram lights, and they're still too narrow for 8.5 inch.
  16. What is this hose for?

    Every rubber hose and vacuum line will eventually perish. Hoses exposed to oil degrade faster.
  17. No springs at all???

    Yes. It's completely normal to drive with no rear springs. Please report back.
  18. Drove thru water

    Start saving up for a new motor, while you're ahead.
  19. Maryland 2008 Honda Civic Si MUGEN For Sale

    11k cash. I'll come pick it up myself.