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  1. Changed to EBC brakes and now have brake noise while coasting at low speeds.

    Hi all. I have a 2017 civic ex and changed the brakes about 2 months ago with ebc yellow pads and rotors. While the braking performance is greatly improved, I’m having an issue. I am noticing a high pitched metallic noise that sounds like it’s happening on rotation when braking to low speeds...
  2. California WTB: hatchback right hand fender in metallic grey

    Hi all. Looking to buy a metallic grey right hand OEM fender with no damage. Located in SoCal
  3. California WTB: OEM 2020 SI or Sport hatchback rims

    Hey guys, looking to buy 2020 SI or Sport rims in SoCal. Thanks!
  4. Dealer didn't place transmission fluid cap on after service...

    Took my Civic hatchback for for transmission fluid change about a month ago. Yesterday, while detailing my car, I found the transmission fluid cap missing. I put about 1100 miles on it with out a cap. I'm worried contaminants may have entered or there my fluid missing. Should I have the dealer...