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  1. Has anyone replaced the horrible horn yet?

    Interesting, wonder if you can use this and not take off the bumper?
  2. Wiper Quality

    Is the passenger side for the Corolla a different size then the Civic?
  3. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    If anyone wants to be the guinea pig, let us know ;)
  4. 2017 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    You'll be lucky to get one at MSRP....probably have to pay a additional "market adjustment" :doh:
  5. Dealer fucked up while detailing my car

    Sorry about your bad experience Choke...hope they make up for it plus throw in some other freebies but can I make a request to you and other posters?... Please be careful with the "colorful" language in thread titles, some of us are viewing at work :eek:
  6. To all sedan owners...

    No problem...just spend a few more $$ and have it painted to match your car. I wonder if this will fit into the stock bolt holes of an ex-l lip spoiler?
  7. Multiple paint chips on bumper!!!! Potential warranty fix???

    Nope....sure glad I had my '16 clear bra'ed :headbang:
  8. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Burgan, how is ride comfort now with the new springs?
  9. CVT failures

    I can feel mine jerk a bit when coming to a stop, is this normal?
  10. How many '17 Hatchbacks have you seen on road?

    Finally saw a hatch (red sedan) driving down I-5 near Olympia yesterday.
  11. LED VS HID

    A lot of HID installers use (strong) double-sided tape or straps to hold the ballasts.
  12. Reusable Air Filters for the Ex T and suggestions

    Looks like the filter plus cleaner and oil will run approx. $60-70? Should pay for itself in a few years I would think?
  13. What did you sell your stocks for!!

    Sold my EX-L wheels for $600, shipping included. Installed the Gen 9 Si stock alloys.
  14. Whats on your keychain?

    Leather keyfob cover.
  15. Getting email notifications by mistake

    I'm getting them too....just delete them but still annoying ;P
  16. This could have been my civic...

    Holy smokes, good thing it didn't catch on fire.
  17. Officially Revealed: 2017 Honda Civic Type R with 306 hp / 295 lb-ft

    What's the MSRP going to be on these badboys? 35K? You can bet there won't be any dealer discounts and in fact will be probably marked up but the folks with the $$$ won't bat an eye :coffee:
  18. Windshield wiper fluid

    20/10 for the win...mixed 50% with water.